Crosscall has unveiled three new accessories equipped with X-LinkTM technology: the X-Dock, the X-Car Pro and the X-Ride, helping users remain connected to their device regardless of where they go.

“We are extremely proud of the new Crosscall accessories as it helps to further integrate our phones and tablets into everyday life. Whether you are going on a long road trip to the coast this December, or camping and mountain biking somewhere off the beaten track. With these accessories you can ensure that your Crosscall phone is always close by and ready to capture every special moment,” says Julien Fouriot, director: Africa of Crosscall.

The X-Dock, compatible with the Crosscall tablet the Core-T4, allows the user to be always in charge and connected to the computer to transfer data.

The X-Car Pro and X-Ride are both dedicated to road enthusiasts and professionals who want a practical and easy to use accessory, in vehicle or motorbike.