A massive 65% of companies indicate that cloud migration will be a top priority in 2021.

This is one of the findings from a new survey of about 1 000 IT decision makers by Next Pathway, which also reveals three key themes:

* Cloud migration is a journey.

* Cloud migration requires careful planning and execution.

* The cloud migration services market is expected to grow.

According to Chetan Mathur, CEO of Next Pathway: “The research confirms what we are experiencing in the field. Companies recognise that it’s critical to migrate their data to the cloud – the study found that close to 80% of companies trust their applications and data on the cloud more than on-prem.

“But many have yet to begin their migration journey, due to the complexity of moving multiple applications. But, while that can be true, it doesn’t have to be.”

Other key findings from the study include:

* 85% of IT decision makers are planning to up their IT budgets for 2021.

* 45% will spend more than $5-million on legacy migrations, while 30% will spend over 20-million and 10% will spend over $40-million.

* 47% of IT decision makers plan to migrate 11-25 legacy warehouses to the cloud in the next 12 months.

* 36% stated that understanding data lineage in the applications they want to migrate is the biggest challenge.

* 33% are concerned about how to migrate without disrupting critical business applications.

* 22% said they are unsure how to plan their migration or where to start due to application sprawl.

* 54% indicated that data migration is the most common cloud migration service to be outsourced.