Childhood cancer is a frightening diagnosis that no parent should ever have to deal with.

But, unfortunately, it is a reality that many families across South Africa have to come to terms with on a daily basis. These families are facing the toughest battle they will ever have to face – along with their little warrior who is fighting right on the frontline, at the heart of the battle.

But luckily, these brave children and teenagers, along with their families never have to stand alone.

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa is a registered and internationally recognised Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) whose aim it is to provide life changing and all-embracing support programmes to both the child or teenager and their families, from the get-go, once a diagnosis has been given. Their services provide:

* Emotional support through their cancer journey as we as palliative, end-of-life care and bereavement support.

* Practical support for patients and families including essential Carebags, nutritional food support, bereavement support, accommodation, transport to and from treatments and educational and awareness programmes on the early warning signs of childhood cancer.

At any one time CHOC can have over 1 500 children and teenagers in its care, while offering psychosocial support to over 1 500 families. As an NPO, it is essential that CHOC receive and sustain the funds to support these courageous children and teenagers, so that they can keep on fighting even when their young bodies are exhausted and hurting.

This is where Flippie, South Africa’s favourite and most well-loved CHOC SOLE-dier comes in. Flippie is a flip-flop with a passion for compassion who has stepped up to lead the movement to get every single South African – young, old, corporate, casual, from the sea side to the city – to have a heart and wear a sole

Now in its second year, the CHOC Flip Flop Day is an annual event celebrated on 12 February 2021. It is a day of fun and colour because, although childhood cancer is in no way light hearted, South Africans certainly are – and when it comes to our children we need to rally behind them.

“We are so excited for our second Flip Flop Day,” says Taryn Seegers, communication co-ordinator of CHOC. “Flip Flops are most certainly a part of almost all of our wardrobes, and who isn’t looking for an excuse to wear them?

“Now we’re giving the public the chance to show us their heart by wearing a sole to bring some colour to the streets and highlight the importance of the work that CHOC does, and raise some much needed funding, to keep our young South African’s and their families supported through the long and challenging journey that they are facing.

“Our first Flip Flop Day raised well over R1,5-million and showed us that it truly is possible to make a massive difference in the lives of these families and we are convinced that this year will be even more successful.

“Have a heart, wear a sole and set your toes free to stand behind us on 12 February 2021.”

The campaign will be supported by PNA Stationers and Tekkie Town. The public will be able to pop into any of these stores nationwide and buy their R10 Flip Flop Day sticker. It’s simply never been easier to make a difference.