Konica Minolta has received two prestigious Buyers Lab (BLI) awards from Keypoint Intelligence, the world’s pre-eminent independent evaluator of document imaging hardware, software and services.

The company won the BLI 2021-2023 award for Most Colour Consistent A3 Brand, as well as the BLI 2021 award for A3 Line of the Year.

“Modern businesses demand consistent quality, reliability and the highest levels of usability from their multifunctional peripherals (MFPs) – and it is in exactly these areas that Konica Minolta’s A3 bizhub i-Series range impressed the testers from Keypoint Intelligence,” says Marc Pillay, CEO of Konica Minolta South Africa.

Keypoint Intelligence’s George Mikolay notes: “Konica Minolta has skilfully crafted an A3 portfolio that is extremely reliable and easy to use, from top to bottom. Konica Minolta has done a masterful job of incorporating the software solutions, along with the apps and onboard tools, that are necessary in this day and age to bring a level of personalisation to their line for every user, wherever they are. The outstanding reliability, as well as the consistency in both performance and usability throughout the line, ensures users can seamlessly jump from one speed band to the next based on workload and availability, with little if any drop-off in efficiency and effectiveness.”

The BLI 2021-2023 Most Colour Consistent A3 Brand award illustrates that Konica Minolta’s MFPs are able to deliver repeatable high-quality printing results: For this award, BLI analysed colour consistency for more than 20 years and the last five years of results have been included in this evaluation. For this specific award, Konica Minolta’s eight evaluated A3 devices, which includes its new bizhub i-Series, produced more than 1.5 million pages. The A3 devices have exceptional consistency that translates to greater uptime and less waste.

Pillay comment: “We are tremendously proud to be recognised for the best A3 product line in the market and to once again be the titleholder of the BLI A3 Line of the Year Award, after winning the prestigious award for an unprecedented four years in a row between 2011 and 2014.

“As a company that has expanded into many different areas in the fourth industrial era, we have remained true to this industry by continuing to incorporate advanced technology and functionality to improve the customer experience. Winning BLI’s 2021 A3 Line of the Year Award is testament to our unwavering dedication.”