Vodacom Financial Services has announced an expansion of its services to include a supplier portal called VodaTrade, where the small supplier will be able to go digital and connect with bigger business partners.

This digital trading platform is set to support small and medium sized business by connecting them to exciting new business prospects.

“I’m really excited that we are launching a product which caters for SMEs, who are the backbone of our economy, as it is important that they are connected to the right business tools so they that are not left behind in their digital journey. The global pandemic has highlighted some of the economic and financial challenges and we look forward to unlocking new opportunities for businesses through VodaTrade,” says Mariam Cassim, chief pfficer at Vodacom Financial and Digital Services.

Some key features of VodaTrade include analytics, receiving orders, catalogue management, confirming fulfilment, as well as sending back an invoice. VodaTrade also sets the foundation to provide additional services like supply chain finance in the coming months.

According to Jenny Pather, executive head of Trading Bridge at Vodacom Financial Services: “VodaTrade enables the small supplier to seamlessly transact with large organisations with intricate systems without having to worry about backend complexity. VodaTrade enables this digitisation of the small supplier, which forms part of Vodacom’s mission to ensure SMEs have access to digital opportunities to succeed now and in the future.

“Our Trading Bridge platform is quite vast in its operations, switching transactions to the value of R200 billion per annum. Our objective is to enable small businesses to access this platform using the VodaTrade Supplier Portal and enable them to transact on a global scale.”