Huawei has launched its Seamless AI Life strategy, promising to deliver an intelligent experience.

Smart devices have become important portals that provide users with intelligent experiences, according to Huawei Consumer Business Group GM Jun Sun.

With the advent of the ‘all-connected’ intelligent era, Huawei plans to offer customers an all-scenario experience.

The company’s strategy for the hyper-connected era in South Africa is mainly focused on smartphones, wearables and PCs. H

uawei has remained committed to developing these offerings across South Africa, which aligns with our global vision of delivering an intelligent experience to consumers in South Africa across all scenarios, including health, fitness and overall lifestyle.

Sun Jun comments: “Our journey from our beginnings to where we are now in South Africa has been nothing short of phenomenal. South Africa is one of the most important pioneering markets for Huawei. We are committed to continue using our technology to improve the lives of South Africans around the country.”

He adds that Huawei’s goal for South Africa is to create an all-scenario intelligent lifestyle for consumers.

The company’s strategy consists of primary portals (smartphones), secondary portals (tablets, PCs, wearables, speakers, infotainment systems, etc.) and IoT devices.

Akhram Mohamed, Huawei’s chief technology officer, shares his insights into Huawei’s strategy: “The promise of technology has always been envisioned as a smooth and seamless process between your devices and the services they interact with.

“We at Huawei are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of delivering just that with our Seamless AI Life Strategy.”

The company also used the Better Together 2021 event to outline its