Mobile payment cybersecurity specialist Evina has received the prestigious Gold Award at Juniper Research’s The Future Digital Awards 2021 for the inroads the Paris-headquartered firm is making in preventing up to 99,94% of fraudulent mobile transactions.

In Africa, Evina’s DCBprotect flagship anti-fraud offering protects up to 90% of mobile transactions in Ivory Coast, Morocco, Cameroon and Senegal. Evina also secures cellular traffic in other African countries such as Mali, Ghana, Congo, Kenya, Botswana, Angola and all countries in the Middle East including Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

Juniper has been annually hosting The Future Digital Awards since 2008 to recognise companies that deliver imaginative and innovative solutions with the potential to positively disrupt ecosystems.

The Security and Fraud Innovation category, in particular, recognises the most impactful telco products and services aimed at managing fraud targeting payments on mobile devices which cost the global economy billions every year. Last year, mobile fraud perpetrated by global organised crime cost the African continent over $4-billion.

Evina’s Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) technology employs anti-fraud sensors positioned across continents to enable mobile network operators, payment gateways and merchants to increase revenue by transforming fraud into a manageable phenomenon.

David Lotfi, CEO of Evina, comments: “At Evina, our mission isn’t to only stop fraud, we strive to create a healthier ecosystem that unlocks more efficient payment flows and new business opportunities for all market players.

“This recognition highlights the crucial role Evina’s cutting-edge technology plays in boosting our clients’ business. It sends a clear message to all mobile market players: fraud is harming you, to an extent you probably do not realise. It is not fatal, however, and combatting it correctly can boost revenue. You just have to partner with the right experts.”