The future of work is consulting. And as a management consulting company with 20 years’ experience in data and digital solutions, Datonomy is perfectly placed to catapult you onto the career path of your dreams. Our projects cover the full spectrum of data, therefore we can offer you access to the most interesting, innovative, and ground-breaking work currently being [URL Removed] goal is to positively impact One Billion People by 2030 – and we can only achieve this if our clients and our people collaborate on projects and solutions that will change the [URL Removed] Technical Consultant/POS Expert: Solution OptimizationPurpose of the Job Value Proposition: This is a super exciting opportunity to shape a POS optimisation thinking as we endeavour to better understand and partner with customers to meet their needs and build their trust by leveraging the potential of a POS solution.Role Purpose:If you are a POS fundi and feel passionate about POS solutions that offer more than just transactional capability then we would like to hear from you to discuss how you can take the lead in shaping our POS solutions design and platform integration thinking to unleash a bunch of new opportunities through our POS solution.  The purpose of the role is to work alongside our selected POS vendor, an internal POS Team of Technical Architects and Project Managers to optimise the POS solution design, integration and implementation. Transitioning from a Point of Sale to a Point of Service solution, the role seeks to identify and understand detailed business requirements and provide insight to the technical solution capability by by defining immediate needs and conceptualising the optimisation opportunities for a seamless user experience that delivers amazing new possibilities, oversees a solid implementation roadmap, and takes accountability for ensuring that the solution meets the agreed standards of performance and scalability as outlined in the Service Level Agreement.Job Objectives As a subject matter expert, demonstrate a deep understanding of a modern Point of Service solution with components residing in  individual touchpoints (Tills), Store Servers and in the Head Office. Become an expert in company platforms, technical frameworks  and tools and actively contribute to their improvement in the Point of Service [URL Removed] business requirements and communicate technical solutions in business [URL Removed] a sound understanding of the vendor’s POS solution, detailed capabilities and future enhancements aligning the current  and future solution requirements with the Service Level Agreement, detailing clear and measurable performance and scalability  [URL Removed] conjunction with the POS vendor, be the owner and author of the Solutions Architecture Document – ensuring that all aspects are  adequately covered:

  • Technology choices
  • Infrastructure requirements including networks
  • Data centre services -Store infrastructure
  • Monitoring
  • Scheduling
  • Data architecture overview
  • Reference data, transaction data, inbound & outbound data feeds, data volumes, housekeeping, data  ownership and archival
  • Availability and resilience design
  • Security design
  • Environment design to support the implementation phase and the post go-live phase
  • Pre-Production and Pilot operation -Data Conversion & Migration
  • Support the installation of the POS application and technology stack within the customer’s environment including configuration of  the system components.
  • Support the POS system deployment into Shoprite’s environment including any configuration of the system components.
  • Monitor the solution set up in conjunction with the Shoprite team.
  • Understand and guide the integration of the POS solution with external payment gateways and VAS (Value Added Service)  providers. 
  • Maintain alignment across the technical team and remain tightly aligned with the vendor team and domain experts. 
  • Work with the product owner, business delivery team and the POS product vendor in developing and reviewing the technical  requirements specifications and committing to deliver product backlog items. * Take accountability for developing and releasing quality software in the implementation and enhancement of the company’s  solutions.
  • Work cross-functionally and actively participate in open and honest team discussions as part of the Scrum process.

Qualifications IT related Diploma/Degree or equivalent – preferred but not essential if you have the right track record of delivery, specifically in the POS solution integration, implementation and performance monitoring space.Experience     Ideally you will have a minimum of 3-5 years experience in a modern POS environment with great practical experience in all facets of vendor orientated POS management, integration and implementation. Whilst we are not too fussy about the sector in which experience was obtained, we do believe that exposure to a large scale operation will be beneficial in terms of thinking through the performance and scalability aspects of the solution – we anticipate that such environments include: FMCG, retail, banking and hospitality.Knowledge and Skills Key exposures:

  • Implementing solutions such as mobile Point of Service solution (mPOS), self-scan using BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) or Customer’s devices.
  • Integrating the POS solution with external payment gateways and VAS (Value Added Service) providers.
  • POS Integration with a centralized merchandising solution (including pricing and promotions).
  • Participating as a key member of a team involved in the Point of Service integrating with the Online Channel to provide the customer with an Omni-Commerce experience.

Demonstrable understanding of the technology platform that a modern Point of Service solution is adopting: 

  • Microservice enablement of the POS components.
  • Cloud enablement of the POS solution (including Virtual Private Cloud, Firewall Service, Load Balancer, Tools providing deployment and management capabilities).
  • Dataflow solution that distributes data from the Head office to the Store environment. 
  • Java Server applications Containerization with docker and Kubernetes Adoption of Virtual appliance to increase the resilience of the POS solution running on thin clients

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