To manage and support all system applications within the business and to plan processes for integrating applications that are important for business operations and employee productivity.


  • Ensure the effective installation, upgrading, and daily maintenance of software applications.
  • Monitor the applications network to prevent virus attacks and security breaches.
  • Oversee the installation process of new applications ensuring the new software complies with the company’s software policy.
  • Investigate the use of potential systems as well as compatibility with the current network environment, in terms of financial implications as well as the effects upgrades might have on computer systems.
  • Liaise with network administrators or other IT personnel to complete upgrades, by coordinating activities to ensure the upgrades will integrate with the current network system.
  • Serve as a key link between the customer (business) and IT (internal & external) with regards to application and data changes.
  • Liaise with IT system owners (internal or external), IT technical teams and business to ensure that any changes approved are implemented successfully with minimal risk.
  • Engage with business to ensure the satisfactory delivery of requirements and that signoff of these requirements are completed prior to implementation.
  • Collate and present data regarding usage and profiles of business applications.
  • Produce summary reports to business and IT (internal) on exceptions that occur in applications and action taken to rectify those issues.
  • Monitor application environments to ensure that applications are functioning optimally.
  • Liaise with IT infrastructure and IT (internal & external) for any changes required to Server environments to ensure an optimal application environment.
  • Respond promptly to warnings regarding the application environment.
  • Identify and implement potential innovations that reduce manual processing.
  • Redefine and consolidate existing automated processes for more efficiency.
  • Assist with automating and streamlining previously manual processes.
  • Ensure that IT system owners receive the specifications, any queries are resolved, and that quotes are received and signed off prior to execution of changes.
  • Assist with system administration functions at a second-line level to ensure continuity.
  • Co-ordinate & assist with support of processes that run outside working hours.
  • Provide continual input; monitoring the business and applications relationship to ensure NCA demands are met by the software environment.
  • Oversee resolution of user problems.
  • Ensure implementation of new processes as per the policy document.
  • Ensure service delivery from vendors as per service level agreements.
  • Provide input into the change register and change advisory board to ensure that all changes being introduced are reported on, prioritized and appropriately scheduled for release.
  • Ensure that completed changes are implemented into UAT and production in an orderly and managed fashion that complies with change control.
  • Maintain ownership of change requirements from the point that they return to the production environment (UAT), to the point that they are signed off as successfully implemented by business.
  • Ensure that released changes are tested internally and then by the business in a user acceptance testing environment prior to release into production.
  • Ensure that all production releases are implemented according to change control.
  • Deliver architectural artefacts as required, such as requirements specifications, change requests, use cases, test cases, test plan, etc.
  • Specification, development, testing & implementation of user reporting requirements.
  • Reporting and compliance to IT General Controls review.
  • Attend to relevant ad hoc tasks, as required.

Skills/Experience Required:

  • Diploma or Degree in Information Technology/B.Com Informatics or equivalent.
  • 8 years’ relevant experience (Development or application development support).
  • Working experience of ITIL, SQL and MS Access preferable.

Competencies Required:

  • Interpreting data.
  • Developing Expertise.
  • Providing Insights.
  • Exploring Possibilities.
  • Interacting with people.
  • Convincing people.
  • Articulating information.
  • Directing people.
  • Showing composure.
  • Embracing change.
  • Meeting Timescales.
  • Inviting feedback.
  • Team working.
  • Checking things.
  • Taking action.
  • Producing output.

Desired Skills:

  • Application Development Support
  • System Applications
  • ITIL
  • SQL
  • MS Access

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Diploma

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