Purpose of the Role
The Senior Developer will be responsible for the design and development of major and minor web applications. The developer will be required to design, develop, test and deliver websites, applications and components. Web enhancements and defect resolution will be required on an ongoing basis. Best practices and design methods will be utilised to ensure the success of the projects. The developer will have the ability to create web applications and components from the requirements stage, through design, through production deployment. Flexibility, adaptability and the ability to learn quickly in various technical and creative environments, while delivering quality work by tight deadlines.
Principal Accountabilities

  • Operates effectively as a member of the development team.
  • Also operates effectively as an individual for quick turnaround of enhancements and fixes.
  • Responsible for meeting expectations and deliverables on time and in high quality.
  • Responsible for the development of web applications and components.
  • Responsible for the design and development of web pages, graphics, multimedia.
  • Effectively develops in a clean, well structured, easily maintainable format.
  • Utilizes storyboarding and graphic pre-designs where appropriate.
  • Demonstrates creative, technical and analytical skills.
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate effectively in both technical and business environments.
  • Maintenance of various intranets and websites on a weekly basis
  • File and back-up all jobs
  • Design of various other materials: corporate collateral; emailers; adverts etc.

Required Skills

  • Experience in developing websites and/or web applications.
  • Solid understanding of navigation for maximizing usability.
  • Front-end and some back-end development experience. More important is the experience of seamless integration of front to back-end functionality.
  • Practical experience in development of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, graphics creation with Photoshop, Illustrator, (Adobe Creative Suite), multimedia creation (from time to time) with Flash, ActionScript, (Macromedia Studio).
  • Practical experience with some or all of the following: Java Server Pages and Java, XML, PHP – the ability to learn
  • Team player.
  • Desire and willingness to work in a collaborative, innovative, flexible and team-oriented environment.
  • HTML, CSS and Java script: ability to conceptualise, create, design and update websites and see a web design project through from concept to final publishing stage
  • Program knowledge: photoshop, illustrator, Indesign, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and basic DTP

Critical Technology Skills Required

  • Many of the websites built for the company are custom built from design to finished product.
  • These are not based on CMS architectures, where default content management and pre-built plugins provide a means to achieve a desired functionality/output.
  • A custom build along with version control better allows for the flexibility and turn arounds times required to meet ever-changing and unique requirements, and their tight deadlines.
  • A hands-on approach and the ability to work directly within the core code is required.

SCSS (Pre-Processed CSS)

  • Many custom sites are built using Sass CSS pre-processing and an understanding is required to further work on and update existing projects.
  • A good understanding of modern properties such as Flexbox and CSS Grid is important.


  • The bootstrap framework has been used within a few projects. Generally using version 4, the older version 3 may also need to be revisited.


  • JSON is a primary source of information on many custom builds. A good understanding of the structures of JSON, JSON arrays and their benefits/limitations is critical.
  • Much time will be spent updating website information in JSON documents alone.


  • PHP is the primary technology used within most websites. Most dynamic functionality is achieved via serverside PHP.
  • PHP Arrays. JSON information is converted to arrays and then process for display via on-page PHP. A keen understanding and ability to harness PHP arrays is extremely important.
  • PHP while, foreach loops – The information processed via JSON is looped through and displayed on-page. It is critical to be able to customise properties being looped through and show/hide elements based on boolean triggers defined in the JSON or on the page itself.
  • The ability to debug PHP errors.


  • Key website functionalities are often based on Javascript and generally consists of Vanilla Javascript. Working knowledge will be needed.
  • The requirements may extend to jQuery, and knowledge of AJAX and JS loops would be beneficial.
  • The ability to debug Javascript errors. =


  • Custom websites are built using NodeJS to facilitate the primary build processes.
  • Setup and usages techniques for NodeJS is important. The applicant should be able to install/manage and update NPM packages as the project will need to be set up locally and maintained over time.


  • A build process package based on NodeJS.
  • Gulp is at the forefront of many of the build processes. Working knowledge of Gulp and how to set up and maintain the build processes are important. If any build error occurs, it must be addressed and corrected timeously to avoid delays.


  • Version control is used for collaboration and project management.
  • Working knowledge of Git and Github is required.
  • This will include checkout, creating branches, stashing, merging branches and then resolving any merge conflicts which may arise.
  • Further knowledge of rebasing and cherry-picking is beneficial.

General Technology Skills Required

  • Within the portfolio are a few CMS based websites.
  • Working knowledge will be required for WordPress, while Joomla would be beneficial.
  • Promo pages will need to be updated, custom content created while maintaining responsive and SEO objectives. This can include working with Elementor and WP Bakery if present within the sites. You may also need to update some custom WordPress template pages on occasion.
  • Transferring websites will be required. An understanding of the relations between the website and database infrastructures, and how to best problem-solve functional issues is advised.
  • MySQL, PHPmyAdmin


  • A keen interest in SEO best practices and how to further improve performances over a range of devices. Mobile devices are a key focus.


  • Google Analytics accounts are configured and set up separately and then place within the site via Google Tag Manager. Custom analytics setup may be required to track key metric performances.


  • Websites are primarily hosted with xNeelo. An understanding of DNS and domain/sub-domain management within KonsoleH is recommended.


  • Sound working knowledge of Adobe applications is required to update/manipulate and extract elements/resources obtained from creatives within the design studio.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD are key. On occasion, InDesign may be required.


  • Websites may require API’s created for map integrations and customisations.


  • Social Media integration within campaigns and with general content and UI.


  • This code editor has a Live Share feature that is highly recommended.
  • Any collaboration required would be streamlined if using VS Code or Visual Studio 2017+. The same project can be opened and developed simultaneous, in real-time and remotely. This provides an effective tool for training and collaboration.
  • Tasks and build processes are also preconfigured to work in VS Code and may assist initial orientation.

To apply for this opportunity submit your updated and detailed CV
to theresa#geotech DOT co DOT za

Desired Skills:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Graphics
  • ActionScript
  • Java
  • XML
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • jSON
  • NodeJS
  • GULP
  • GIT
  • CMS Websites
  • SEO
  • Google Analystics
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Google Maps APIs
  • Social Media APIs

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Diploma

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