• Data & Analytics

Technical Data team working with client DNA and business teams to:

  • Identify insight opportunities.
  • Evaluate available data.
  • Deliver on specific use cases of value-based insights to drive business efficiency.


  • Digital Director’s strategic inputs and oversight.
  • Executive PM and consultant to drive process and oversee sourcing and output.
  • Technical data and development resources to execute on use cases and opportunities.
  • Technology Infrastructure Modernisation


  • Assist the client in moving towards a modern agile IT infrastructure.
  • Guide technology decisions to ensure movement towards modernisation.
  • Proactively identify opportunities to shift legacy technology.


  • Quick review current infrastructure architecture (light touch).
  • Understand underpinning contracts and agreements including financial elements (depreciation).
  • Identify legacy vs modern (old world – new world).
  • Highlight quick wins.
  • Participate in architecture forums and key technology decision discussions for advice and input.

Outputs & Deliverables:

  • To Be high level Infrastructure landscape.
  • Quick wins and prioritization suggestions.
  • Input to key technology decision points.
  • Integration to stream a and stream c.
  • IT Operating Model Transformation


  • Assist the client in restructuring the IT Function, including D&A.
  • Guide the process of moving from a legacy “operating technology” function to a modern “leveraging technology” function.
  • Identify and outline the process and steps to transform.
  • Evaluate in-house vs outsource areas and make recommendations.
  • Assist with the role and supplier transformation.
  • Approach:

  • Identify and Categorize the key ‘jobs to be done’ and define future vs current.

  • Map to current vs to-be architecture (Infra and Application).
  • Outline core internal competencies vs specialist or commodity external requirements.
  • Build transformation execution plan.
  • Assist with implementation of the plan.

Outputs & Deliverables:

  • To Be high level future operating model – focus on jobs to be done.
  • Clear areas of internal competence vs outsource opportunity defined.
  • Transformation plan with quick wins and initial focus areas.
  • Assistance on the ‘journey’ not an event.

Desired Skills:

  • sql
  • ETL

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

About The Employer:

Based in Capetown

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