Responsible for developing the Customer Value Management Post-Paid strategy for the Consumer Division. This would cover the CVM management planning and development, post-paid retention strategies and loyalty, targeted campaigns and tariff migration management.

Strategy Development:

  • Develop and drive the implementation of the CVM Post Paid strategy for the Consumer Division, enabling the business to drive revenue targets as set and increase the necessary pipeline conversions.
  • Provide input into the CVM business strategy to support the consumer business in line with the overarching business goals and ensure that the company maintains and improves its leadership positioning
  • Ensure effective implementation of the strategy by means of providing direction, structure, frameworks, models, plans and roadmaps, aligned to group strategy and frameworks
  • Define the standards and set targets for performance across various activities and identify the parameters for measurement of performance
  • Provide input for the product life cycle and management strategy, in line with overall strategy

Staff Leadership and Management:

  • Build and manage a high performing team by providing leadership, role clarity, training and career development;
  • Source, induct and manage talent in accordance with legislative guidelines;
  • Ensure open communication channels with staff and implement change management interventions where necessary;
  • Provide definition of roles, responsibilities, individual goals and performance objectives for the team;
  • Set KPIs and provide regular performance feedback through a well-defined and implemented performance review program;
  • Develop and implement a training plan in order to build and develop skills within the team;
  • Encourage knowledge transfer through the implementation of a knowledge transfer plan and drive continuous improvement philosophy through the knowledge transfer plan;
  • Performance manage resources in accordance with HR policy and legislation where necessary;
  • Actively participate in leadership team and develop skills of own team; and
  • Promote a ‘company centric’ and ‘partnership approach’ to develop strong relationships with other working groups and ensure adherence to Group governance.


  • Strategic Meetings:
  • Hold strategic meetings, ensure relevant participation and provide guidance and support in the various discussions;
  • Drive enterprise wide transformation initiatives, elicit inputs from relevant parties;
  • Drive adequate risk mitigation and controls, and elicit inputs from relevant parties;
  • Sign off approval on new initiatives;
  • Provide relevant budget for internal projects; and
  • Prepare proposal on change initiatives, SLA policies and procedures.
  • Escalations:
  • Manage and resolve issues that will result in severe time, scope, productivity and cost or resource impact; and
  • Resolve and provide guidance to issues escalated.
  • Tactical:
  • Manage all projects and initiatives;
  • Review key risks, issues and dependencies and set mitigation actions; and
  • Sign-off / make decisions regarding tactical changes.
  • Performance:
  • Monitor performance and alignment with the company global strategy and per industry best practices;
  • Review performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and review service level agreements;
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and collaborate with respective OPCOs and teams to agree on corrective actions;
  • Ensure provision of appropriate support to consumer functions; and
  • Create and monitor plan for continuous improvement and monitor adherence to the plans.


  • Report on a monthly basis to CCO relating to progress made within the division and in accordance with the measurement metrics set by the organisation;
  • Highlight to the management significant deviations from defined performance metrics;
  • Report on an adhoc basis on specific projects, as required.


  • Develop and manage of departmental budgets in line with business objectives;
  • Develop and manage project initiative budgets in line with business objectives; and
  • Ensure that the “cost of operations” is reduced, in line with a least cost operating strategy stemming from the business drivers.

Operational Delivery:

  • Revenue from X-sell and up-sell as % of service revenue
  • % of smartphones with data bundles attached
  • % of customers with >2 products/services
  • Revenue generated from tariff up-sell as % of service revenue
  • Revenue dilution saved as % of service revenue
  • of customers saved through retention campaigns

  • % of post-paid base in contract or prepaid on loyalty programmes
  • % of inbound customers with revenue/margin improvements
  • NPS for outbound communication & information
  • NPS for tariffs/pricing
  • Drive best practices and ensure that propositions are correctly targeted, and churn is reduced.
  • subscriber registration and activation are embedded in the customer experience strategy, driving process efficiency and speed and avoiding the negative impact on the customer;

Collaboration / Coordination:

  • Ensure collaboration with Segments, Channels, Business Intelligence teams to ensure market value creation through branding;
  • Collaborate with other GMs, under the direction of the COO, to ensure the effectiveness of the consumer business model;
  • Collaborate with BI and Planning function to provide feedback and insights on the efficacy of the overall strategy.

Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Accountable for the morale, performance, and development of the department’s human capital;
  • Align departmental values with company brand values;
  • Approve work structure process before adoption by the team;
  • Coach and mentor direct reports;
  • Enforce team members’ compliance to standard working processes and procedures;
  • Ensure adequate succession planning and that succession plans that are in place are achieved;
  • Ensure assigned team is led motivated, and rewarded to achieve KPA’s;
  • Ensure that coaching / mentoring programs and personal development plans are in place for all staff members;
  • Ensure effective management of diversity among personnel in the division;
  • Identify staff training and development needs and implement necessary actions;
  • Motivate and manage individuals to perform at the highest level, especially in terms of delivery and meeting target deadlines;
  • Possess the authority, presence, and integrity to command respect from colleagues and from external contacts;
  • Provide career development for direct reports (counselling, coaching, identifying key performance areas, career planning and goal setting);
  • Provide guidance and leadership ensuring future focus and current efficiency;
  • Recruit and build a world class information management team;
  • Set goals and objectives for direct reports, monitor progress and maintain motivation;
  • Set overall direction for the division; and
  • Provide an advisory function on governance and best practices in client experience.

Desired Skills:

  • customer value management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategy Development

Desired Work Experience:

  • More than 10 years

About The Employer:

Telecommunications Company

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