Support the CRO within this rapidly expanding digital bank in facilitating the Enterprise Risk Management Framework, processes and practices and liaise with both Compliance and Internal Audit resources to entrench a combined assurance approach.
Also be responsible for managing and monitoring operational and/or enterprise risks preferably in the financial sector from a line 1 or 2 perspective, with a strong focus on financial risk.

We are looking for a profesional, suitably qualified and experienced individual who has a keen eye for detail and an indepth understanding of financial risks within the banking segment. Position will suit someone who is highly accountable and can work in a small but productive and close knit team and who can apply an agile approach to risk management.

Minimum qualifying criteria for this role is:

  • EE only
  • Matric certificate
  • Complleted B.Com degree
  • 5plus years in an enterprise risk management role within the banking sector (with focus on financial risks)

Desired Skills:

  • Enterprise Risk Management

About The Employer:

Highly productive and progressive environment which embraces an entrepreneurial spirit and individuals who thrive on growth and results. People with passion, tenancity and drive will excel in this rapidly expanding digital bank

Employer & Job Benefits:

  • Medical aid
  • Retirement Annuity
  • Group Life

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