All citizens aged 60 years and above can now register for the Covid-19 vaccine on the newly-launched Electronic Vaccination Data System.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize says the fact that the vaccination campaign is supported by a digital system open to all South Africans is significant.

The EVDS complies with the Interoperability Standards for Digital Health, Mkhize says.

It uses a South African Health Information Exchange Service to allow the secure sharing of data between different systems, while verification of health system users expands the capabilities of the Health Patient Registration System platform and advanced analytics standardises health outcomes reporting.

All South Africans will access vaccines through the same process, by enlisting using this system, Mkhize adds. “There will be no distinction between private and state health care users, with the exception that private health care users will input their medical aid details.

“The quality of services will be the same for all of us and the system will assign a vaccination site closest to our homes or where we work – not based on whether a particular site is a public or private facility.”

He adds that the system is a model for a future healthcare system, under the NHI, which would be typified by multi-sectoral collaboration and social solidarity.

Citizens 60 years or older may now register for vaccination on, using any Internet-connected device. They need to provide their name, home and work address, ID and medical aid details (where relevant), and a cell phone number.

Users will be given a time and place for their vaccination, details of which will be captured digitally to create an electronic health record, vaccine confirmation and a vaccination card.

For citizens without Internet access, philanthropic organistions will go into communities to register people and raise awareness about the vaccinations. Alternatively, they can visit a vaccination centre to be registered.