MorClick has launched a 20Mbps capped satellite internet packages starting at only R599 a month.
“This is easily one of the cheapest satellite internet packages in the South African market,” says Mohamed Hassim, MD of MorClick Satellite Internet.
He explains that the beauty of satellite internet, especially for South Africa’s connectivity-challenged communities, is that satellite internet does not require fibre or any terrestrial infrastructure. All that is needed is a satellite dish pointed to the relevant satellite in the sky regardless of where you are.
“New satellite technology then made it possible to cut the cost of streaming world-leading satellite feed to anywhere in South Africa,” explains Hassim.
He adds that MorClick has also dropped prices on unlimited 10Mbps and 20Mbps packages. “Packages of up to 1 Mbps are now available for R949 a month – down from R1 099 per month. Unlimited packages of up to 20Mbps are down from R1 299 to R1 199 per month,” Hassim says.