Evina, a specialist in cybersecurity for mobile payments, has joined the over 400 companies and 750 operators that are part of the GSMA, the international association that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide.

Evina’s cooperation with the GSMA’s Fraud and Security Group (FASG) to proactively share information crucial to educating the mobile market will help keep the pressure up on the mobile fraudsters that cost the African continent over $4-billion in 2020.

The firm’s cutting-edge technology employs anti-fraud sensors positioned across the continent and enables it to offer the only tool on the market that can differentiate between a bot and a human and therefore know who exactly is behind a transaction.

The FASG group covers regions worldwide, from Asia-Pacific to Latin America, and is a valued group within the association, whose mission is to keep players informed and protected from the dangers of mobile fraud. Both FASG and Evina’s mission strive to create a safer mobile environment.

Thanks to over 15 years of R&D in cybersecurity for mobile payments, Evina offers cutting-edge technology that analyzes more than 16 million transactions per day worldwide: 99,94% of fraudulent transactions are detected, 0,06% false positive rate recorded, and <100ms latency.

This technology allows Evina to gather precious data that offers insights into the mechanisms of mobile fraud. Evina regularly produces case studies with renowned MNOs, updates on the latest types of fraudulent techniques, and fraud reports that provide market players with crucial information on country fraud rates, the most common regional fraud techniques, and the trending malicious apps.

Evina’s primary objective is to strengthen cybersecurity practices by informing MNOs and players that make up the mobile ecosystem on the inner workings of fraud to better protect mobile users and businesses.

Together with the GSMA, Evina will aim to create a mobile ecosystem built on trust and transparency and drive mobile players to implement smarter solutions that lead to prosperity for the mobile industry.