Division: Operations Division
Department: Corporation for Deposit Insurance
Brief description
The purpose of this position is to design, develop and document the operational capabilities and processes for the development and ongoing operations of the proposed Corporation for Deposit Insurance (CoDI).

Detailed description

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following key performance areas:
? Assist with the design, development and documentation of operational processes, controls, procedures, management reports and other operational requirements.
? Determine the operational impact of policy proposals through cooperation with the Policy Division.
? Engage with the support areas within the bank, such as Finance, Information Technology, Internal Audit and Risk Management and Compliance to ensure CoDI’s operational requirements are designed, documented, developed, tested and implemented.
? Assist in overseeing the quality of services provided by CoDI partners and external service providers, including departments in the bank.
? Assist with overseeing the timelines, accuracy and completeness of data submissions by banks.
? Support the integrity of CoDI data in order to process end-to-end deposit insurance functions.
? Provide training and support to external and internal stakeholders.
? Establish and maintain stakeholder relationships to ensure efficient running of CoDI, identifying future operational business requirements, opportunities for optimisation and possible solutions.
? Participate in industry consultation and assist with drafting reports, discussion papers, system assessments and guidelines.
? Ensure compliance with the legislative, regulatory and policy requirements of the bank and CoDI.
? Assist with the operational processes, preparations and execution of CoDI’s role in the resolution of a failed bank.
? Conduct research in support of operations development, including the identification of areas of improvement aligned to international / domestic operational standards and best practices, in conjunction with the policy division.
? Assist with the monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the achievement of the operational deliverables of the CoDI, proactively identifying possible solutions for service, system and process improvement.

Job requirements
To be considered for this position, candidates must be in possession of:
? minimum of a degree in Information Technology, Finance, Banking or Operations; and
? minimum of 5-8 years’ experience.

Additional requirements include:
? good understanding of business operations practices, methodology and tools;
? an understanding of the banking sector or similar environment;
? knowledge of business transformation and optimisation;
? good understanding of data and technology;
? facilitation and presentation skills; and
? strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.

Desired Skills:

  • Operation process development
  • Communication (Verbal And Written)
  • Banking

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

About The Employer:

Our client is in the banking sector and looking at epmoying an individual on a 1 year contract or until the project is complete

Employer & Job Benefits:

  • None

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