• To plan, co-ordinate and control activities and projects from approved client proposal to execution.
  • To foresee risks and ensure project is completed successfully in spite of these risks.
  • To manage the regional Installation Team Leaders and Installation Assistants.
  • Regional safety and onsite safety procedures
  • Collect project installation documents from the Project Tray sent out daily Project
  • Accept all relevant job by responding to Project Admin via email.
  • Contact client once processed documents are received to confirm project initiation
    and confirm solution only if site initiation document is provided, escalate to Manager and Head of Sales if not supplied.
  • Send Site Readiness Certificate (lists pre-installation requirements) to client
  • Request program with expected project execution date, floor plans or hardware placement specifications, Health and Safety requirements, site requirements
  • Confirm project timelines and expected installation date
  • Brief contractor of scope of work and request RFQ
  • Send to Network Director/Manager for approval
  • Ensure contractor receives Sign Off template
  • Contractor HS&E compliance
  • Contractor on-site conduct (In line with ODM standards)
  • Confirm pre-installation site audit date
  • Ensure Site Audit sheet is completed (hardware and consumables confirmed,
    hardware placements confirmed, pre-installation requirements met, risks identified,
    additional tools required confirmed) and submitted to Project Manager and Regional Operational Manager
  • Ensure latest version of BOM template is used
  • Complete BOM template and send out upon project initiatio
  • Add additional consumables to BOM post site pre-installation audit
  • Confirm stock ETA’s with Procurement Manager
  • Ensure all stock received and packed prior to project execution date
  • Confirm shipment with stock controller if contractor is used.
  • Confirm Image Request has been sent to HSD Department
  • Confirm devices have been imaged, media pre-loaded, tested and IP details entered
    according to Image Request
  • Ensure Project Administrator has created venue on CMS and Manage Engine,
    captured venue details received from client and opened Service Request on Manage Engine
  • Send request to Project Administrator to book project execution dates on
    Installation Calendar
  • Confirm project execution dates and times and site readiness with client prior to
  • Health & Safety Plan/File preparation
  • Ensure Installation Team takes required documents and files to site (ID copies, floor
    plan, Letter of Good Standing, Health and Safety file)
  • Ensure installation teams receive complete handover packs (Site details, venue
    specific asset register, client handover / welcome document and helpdesk number,
    on-site assistance training register, screen placement)
  • Brief Installation Team on scope of work, confirm if PPE required
  • Ensure devices have connectivity, screens displaying media once installed
  • VV and Site updated with serial ID’s and LIVE devices within 24 hours of job
  • Ensure installation team leaders have read, are familiar and understand the
    installation guide
  • If Subsistence and Accommodation is required, TA to be prepared.
  • Complete Installation Details (In Store Date, Installation Date and Warranty End
    Date) on CMS and Manage Engine
  • Ensure detailed Venue Comment is posted, Service Request is closed and complete
    Sign Off document and photos are submitted by Installation Team. Perform quality
    checks on
  • Ensure Trading Hours are scheduled by Project Administrator
  • Venue health check for the 30-day Probation Period.
  • Ensure Team Leader checks boxes received are in new condition, material received
    in new condition, all items on BOM packed, all consumables and tools are packed
  • Ensure operatives know what is expected from them regarding their conduct on site
  • Conduct site inspections to ensure high level of customer satisfaction is maintained
    (every 10th installation) or delegate the task.
  • Identify areas where training is needed in order to increase team
  • Conduct regular virtual venue checks on installation teams (weekly)
  • Weekly tool checks to be done to determine the condition of tools and whether any
    tools have been lost
  • Collate and maintain vehicle lease and vehicle driver details and vehicle handover
    documents upon fleet vehicle exchange
  • Conduct vehicle checks every two weeks in accordance with the vehicle checklist
  • Identify and report irregular vehicle usage by monitoring vehicle with the Tracker
    tool on a continuous basis
  • Ensure timeous vehicle servicing by monitoring km usage and acting of service
  • Reporting all vehicle related incidents such as accidents and fines to finance and
    head of operations and ensure that insurance/deductions/disciplinary action takes
    place where necessary
  • Obtain and check mileage claims every two weeks and submit to Finance for Field
    Technicians and / or Contractors and / or Contractors by ensuring that a ticket was
    attended to and that sign off has been obtained by Field Technician.
  • Ensure that valid driver’s licenses are in place for all drivers every year
  • Ensure that the installation teams have valid garage cards available to them for use
  • Installation contractor invoices to be submitted fortnightly, as per Finance
    Department schedule
  • Support Performance Management
  • Conduct annual performance review and record outcome on file
  • Hold performance discussions regularly both formally and informally
  • Investigate non-performance issues and ensure that it is resolved speedily
  • Ensure compliance with disciplinary code
  • Ensure that annual career development discussions are held and that career
    discussions documented and on file
  • Ensure that career development is assessed against individual needs
  • Manage Teamwork Be in regular consultation with team
  • Facilitate effective team interaction
  • Ensure that each team member used to his/her full potential
  • Ensure that installations are allocated to each team leader (Installations Technicians
    and / or Contractors and / or Contractors and / or Contractors for the day
  • Ensure that each installation is up to date with open jobs on Manage Engine
  • Ensure that tickets are closed by the teams on the day of the installation and sign off
    and pictures are sent to Project Admin
  • Weekly check on teams’ tools and communication devices such as the, Installation
    tool BOM, PPE checklist, tablet and phone
  • Verbally reinforce site protocol by checking with Installation Team Leader that he
    knows what is expected of him regarding conduct on site conduct and job specifications
  • Conduct virtual venue checks every two weeks and complete virtual venue
  • Plan installation and ensure that installation teams receive complete hand over
    packs containing site details, venue specific assets register, client handover/welcome
    document and helpdesk number, onsite assistance training register and screen
  • Ensure that installation team members have read, are familiar with /understand the
    installation guide
  • Ensure that installation sign obtained from Technicians and / or Contractors and / or
    Contractors and very correctness of content
  • Monitor installation calendar – be abreast of what is expected and ensure that
    installation teams are sufficiently prepared for upcoming installations
  • Manage the capacity of installation teams, ensuring optimal use of manpower
  • Ensure that the following documents are checked, completed and that a record is kept thereof, where applicable: –
  • Health and Safety documents (which documents apply)

Qualifications , Skills and Experience Requirements

  • Matric and project management qualification
  • 4-year project management or equivalent experience
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft office (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project)
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of ODM solutions
  • Leadership skills
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to maintain and build client relationships
  • An eye for quality and detail
  • An affinity to learning
  • The ability to perform duties unsupervised
  • Negotiation skills
  • Effective team management skills
  • Personal organisation skills
  • Risk management
  • Team management

Desired Skills:

  • Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Negotiation skill
  • MS Office
  • Leadership

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years Software
  • 5 to 10 years Team Leader & Supervisor

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Certificate

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