RIB CCS has launched Connect, a cloud-based data warehouse for its Candy and BuildSmart solutions which enables online information sharing between multiple stakeholders throughout an organisation.

Connect is a one-stop-shop that allows users to access, process, manage and extract intelligence from the RIB CCS suite of products, connecting all estimation and contract project data with financial data in one central place and allowing users to gain sight of every single aspect of their project, providing one source of truth for an organisation.

Joe de Klerk, head of innovation at RIB CCS, explains: “While our customers immediately see the value of our estimating solution, Candy, some of the questions they ask got me thinking about how to optimise the data produced by Candy to promote the sharing of information between project sites and offices and help them streamline operations by enabling real-time decision-making.”

Instead of waiting until the end of the month to run Candy and BuildSmart and consolidate their costs, Connect gives users access to information on a daily basis. This means challenges and discrepancies can be identified on the go and be nipped in the bud before they become major and often costly issues.

“Many of our companies have operations in different parts of the country. With Connect, Candy users at each site can access data from everywhere else. In this sense, Candy has essentially been transformed into an enterprise system,” notes de Klerk.

As part of its offering, RIB CCS has introduced a business intelligence (BI) tool – Connect BI – which allows for the dashboarding of information and delivers a ‘project on a page’. “Connect BI gives the user a snapshot of a particular project – all projects can then be consolidated to provide a ‘company on a page’, which requires consolidating all BuildSmart data. Connect BI does this too,” adds de Klerk.