X Role in JHB/CPT

Reverside is an IT services provider; we are always looking for professional candidates to join our team in Software Development, providing opportunities to work on exciting projects, within our well established client base.

We are looking for X Professionals with 3 – 5+ years solid development experience in Apigeeand has a solid knowledge base of the SDLC.

  1. Apigee Developer (Certified)


  1. 3+ years of software engineering experience
  2. Demonstrated proficiency in React andNodeJS
  3. Experience in API development with Apigee and Swagger
  4. Familiarity with CI/CD and DevOps tools
  5. Familiarity with UX/UI development principles
  6. Knowledge of IT concepts, strategies, methodologies, architecture, and technical standards
  7. Strong oral, presentation, and written communication skills
  8. Experience working in an agile environment utilizingScrum
  9. Collaboration, adaptability, flexibility and the ability to prioritize your time andefforts

About The Employer:

Tech Stack as per client
Other Skills:

  • Agile Methodology
  • Good professional communication skills
  • Self-Motivated and have the ability to adapt quickly
  • Committed and dedicated to achieving results
  • Innovative and adhere to best coding practices

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