BI Technical LeadPreference will be given to Cape Town residents / or those willing to relocate to Cape [URL Removed] Purpose:A BI Technical Lead is an IT specialist with advanced analytical and technical skills who understands the data structures and various data sources, has the ability to orchestrate delivery with a complex series of stakeholders and is able to conceptualise solutions built on a hybrid of technologies with no real scope at the get go, i.e. create, navigate and negotiate the scope on the [URL Removed] Measurement:The performance of the BI Technical Lead can be measured by:

  • Timely delivery of analysis, reports and data presentations to support business reviews.
  • Turnaround time for answering a given business demand.
  • User satisfaction.
  • Effective solution design.
  • Low error rate in deployed solutions.
  • Efficient best practices and establishing suitable processes to ensure effective environment and solution management.

Output/Core Tasks:

  • Design, document and communicate technical solutions that deliver on business requirements
  • Fulfil the role of subject matter expert on all technical aspects of BI products
  • Oversee all BI development / modelling activity incl. code reviews, issue resolution and general support
  • Develop technical standards and best practices
  • Identify opportunities to enhance and automate technical processes and solutions across BI projects and support operations
  • Support developers / modellers to develop data and analytical models
  • Form relationships and orchestrate delivery with key technical stakeholders across our business including architects
  • Engage with technology vendors and external technical experts when conceptualising, designing or implementing technical solutions
  • Attend and present solutions at internal architecture forums
  • Designing (and assisting with design) of architecture used by specialists in solutions.
  • Constant refinement to standardize and implement new functionality based on experience and lessons learnt
  • Designing and building reusable artefacts to improve speed of delivery and reliability of solutions
  • Identifying performance enhancements for BI and Integration solutions
  • Troubleshoot technical issues such as database non-performance, integration failures and code failures.
  • Resolve critical data modelling issues impacting the functionality of BI products in production.

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