The supervision of the finished goods and raw material laboratory, the release of the finished blends and incoming raw materials.

Laboratory & online requirements

  • Supervise and monitor efficiency of work of all staff members in Quality Control Laboratories. Ensure all products/ raw materials submitted to the Quality Control Laboratories are tested timeously and ensure systems in place to monitor and manage WIP job cards to ensure timeously release/ closure.
  • Ensure the QC staffs conduct the necessary quality checks during the packing processes (verify cleaning and metal detection practises, conduct random weight checks on packed stock, verify sealing integrity as acceptable, verify label information on packed products).
  • Investigate the production errors relating to product quality, determining, and implementing corrective actions and generating action reports. Review reoccurring non- conformances.
  • Ensure jobs are accurately correctly captured daily on SYSPRO, NCR- & AR database and Ticket System.
  • Ordering consumables timeously in conjunction with the Quality Control Administrator (Laboratory).
  • Obtaining quotes and information on new laboratory equipment.
  • Arrange calibration of laboratory equipment when necessary as per GMP/ISO requirements.
  • Ensure effective communication is established throughout the production and warehouses.
  • Implement improvements to QC systems in production.
  • Enforce effective time management and finish today’s work today slogan.
  • Compile KPI’s for all the QC staffs.

Certificate of analyses

  • Ensure that analytical results and organoleptic descriptions (visual, taste, aroma) and a photo of the blend are loaded on the data base for each new product line launch. Also ensure that a control sample is stored as new retention sample for each new product launched as per the New Product launch Record.
  • Ensure all COA’s are saved on the public drive and on the intranet system. Investigate any non-compliance and provide corrective actions when necessary.
  • Ensure product specifications on Digiworks are available (COA section) for QC to test and release batches accordingly.
  • Ensure all relevant results on the COA’S are within the product specification and that the applicable customer receives all the necessary results i.e. Sudan Red, Aflatoxin, and microbiological results.
  • Ensure effective communication for the stock to be released out of the Micro pending warehouse.

SLE (Shelf life extensions)

  • Ensure SLE evaluations are carried out, information captured, and recommendations are communicated to the internal or external customers. The corrective actions captured and communicated.
  • Assist Quality Control Administrator (SLE) when carrying out investigations to extend shelf life of blended products and keep record of all investigations on the GLOP forms and capture all results relating to the evaluation on Digiworks.
  • Ensure an updated specification sheet are requested on database should this be required.
  • Generate shelf-life extension labels and letters (to be given to end customers) and forward to relevant person.

Document Control

  • Maintain GLP files and train all laboratory QC staff on new procedures and continually ensure that staff adheres to all procedures.
  • Should a new GLP procedure be required, or an existing GLP procedure require, a change control request to be compiled.
  • Review of GLP’s to be done as required or if any changes needs to be made.

Tasks which relate to food quality and food safety

  • Drive adherence to Food Safety, GMP’s and GLP systems.
  • Serve as a member on the Food Safety Team.
  • Ensure housekeeping of the lab is up to standard and housekeeping scores acceptable.
  • Conduct routine verification internal audits

Customer complaints

  • Investigating customer complaints and coordinate the implementation of corrective actions should this be necessary.
  • Conducting taste panels with R & D, QC & Technical staff with regards to customer complaints.
  • Compile a detailed customer complaint report and coordinate the implementation of corrective actions in conjunction with the Technical Department (delegation of new procedure or preventative actions to relevant persons) resulting from customer complaints.
  • Assist in recall should this be required.
  • Monthly trending and reporting on Customer complaints at the monthly Food Safety meetings.

Effective Communication

  • Promote effective communications by reporting non-conforming batches and non-adherence to GMP’s.
  • Generate NCR’s or Action reports once any irregularities are found.
  • Conduct root cause analyses with the QC Online Team.
  • Conduct internal audits for continuous improvement.
  • Report on non-conforming batches and non-adherence to GMP’s.
  • Ensure jobs are accurately correctly processed daily on SYSPRO, NCR database and Ticket System.
  • Ensure effective communication is established throughout the production, warehouses, service providers, suppliers, and branches.
  • Conduct training as required.
  • Conduct training as required.


  • Employee should manage the workload and meet continuous challenging deadlines as specified by the customer and/or other Deli Managerial staff.
  • Employee will familiarize him/herself with the Company’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Conduct and workplace values.
  • Employee will perform any reasonable duties and requests as required by Management.
  • Employee will be required to work overtime from time to time in alignment with operational requirements.
  • Employee will be required to relief in another position from time to time withing the QA Department as per operational requirements.

? Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels within the organisation telephonically, in-writing and in person.
? Must be able to work independently and as part of a team.
? Ability to work under pressure and make good decisions in pressure situations.
? Meticulous with a high level of attention to detail combined with the ability to deliver on tight time schedules.
? Positive and energetic attitude with a hands-on approach to work.
? Mind set of “Finish Today’s Work Today”.
? Firm, friendly and fair – humility.
? A good communicator with the ability to read and write in English.


  • Relevant tertiary education of a minimum of a 3-year diploma or degree in Food Technology or Food Science or Food & Nutrition or Food Consumer Science.
  • Experience supervising staff
  • Be fluent in English with excellent report writing skills in English.
  • Be meticulous and neat; show pride in their work with attention to detail and be thorough and accurate in every task they undertake.
  • Be willing to eat pork containing products and all types of animal meats and organs and spicy food products containing chillies, when required.
  • Be willing to work overtime as required.

Preference will be given to applicants with:

  • Good computer skills (Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook)
  • Good knowledge of SYSPRO
  • Being fully bilingual in two languages (English, Afrikaans, or Xhosa)
  • Experience or exposure to Food Safety

Desired Skills:

  • Syspro
  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Outlook
  • Food Safety

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years Quality Control

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Diploma

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