Our client based in Isando is looking for a Responsible Pharmacist to control the access to Scheduled products, medical devices or IVDs and shall ensure that the wholesaler or distributor does not sell any Schedule 1 to Schedule 6 pharmaceutical product to any unlicensed / unregistered entity or permit holder


  • Grade 12
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) through an accredited institution Completion of internship through an accredited facility
  • Completion of community service through an accredited facility
  • Minimum 2-5 years Pharmaceutical Supply Chain experience
  • Registered as a qualified pharmacist and in good standing with the South African Pharmacy Council, or similar
  • Experience with Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems
  • Good Distribution Practice Training


  • Ability to effectively manage and lead change
  • High level of integrity and trust
  • Assertive and positive attitude
  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to anticipate and solve problems / queries practically
  • Proven reasoning skills
  • Team player who displays initiative
  • Hard worker must have managerial / leadership skills


  • Immediately notify SAPC and SAHPRA upon resignation or termination as Responsible Pharmacist of the Pharmacy
  • Serve as main communication contact between CompanyHC/Rigel and SAHPRA and communicate changes in Site Master File, Regulatory Changes or any other major changes requiring notification to SAHPRA, DoH or SAPC
  • Ensure continuous supervision the wholesale or distributor pharmacy
  • Ensure that unauthorised persons do not obtain access to pharmaceutical products or the wholesale or distributor pharmacy premises outside of normal trading hours
  • Establish policies and procedures for the employees of the wholesale and distributor pharmacy with regard to the acts performed and services provided in the wholesale pharmacy
  • Ensure the safe and effective storage and keeping of pharmaceutical products in the wholesale and distributor pharmacy under his/her direct personal supervision
  • Ensure correct and effective record keeping of the purchase, sale, possession, storage, safekeeping and return of pharmaceutical products
  • Ensure that the following registrations, recordings and licences are current and in place
  • The registration of the Responsible Pharmacist with the SAPC in accordance with the provisions of Section 14 of the Pharmacy Act
  • The premises licence of the wholesale or distributor pharmacy issued by the Director[1]General, Department of Health, in accordance with the provisions of Section 22(1) of the Pharmacy Act
  • The recording of the premises licence of the wholesale or distributor pharmacy at the SAPC in accordance with Section 22(2) of the Pharmacy Act, read together with Regulation 8(5) of the Regulations relating to Ownership and Licensing of Pharmacies
  • The wholesale licence issued by the SAHPRA in accordance with Section 22C (1) (b) of the Medicines Act in accordance with Regulation 3.2 of the Pharmacy Act Recommended standards regarding staff selection, appraisal and training, the Responsible Pharmacist should
  • Ensure that written job descriptions are prepared for all staff and that all staff are acquainted with their job descriptions and responsibilities
  • Set performance objectives at least annually in consultation with each staff member
  • Performance must be monitored and evaluated against the job descriptions and established objectives.
  • Results should be discussed with the staff member and clearly documented on their personal record
  • Assess the educational needs of all pharmaceutical staff
  • Training should relate to the work to be undertaken by the individual
  • Ensure that there are sufficient pharmacists and pharmacy support personnel to undertake the pharmaceutical services provided by the wholesale or distributor pharmacy concerned
  • Demonstrate a high standard of professionalism and commitment to quality development
  • Ensure that all regulations covering the operations of the wholesale or distributor pharmacy are complied with
  • Review his or her level of professional knowledge and expertise continually and document an appropriate self-development plan
  • Participate regularly in continuing professional development (CPD) programmes;
  • Be responsible for the preparation of the mission statement and/or statement of purposes, the wholesale or distributor pharmacy strategic plan, contracts for the supply of services and the said pharmacys client profile and client expectations
  • Develop, document and approve the quality improvement plan for the wholesale or distributor pharmacy
  • Ensure that standards for the operation of wholesale or distributor pharmacy services are established and that performance against these standards are monitored; Participate with appropriate staff in regular professional audit activities to review the standard of services. From the review process strategies should be developed, documented and employed to improve performance
  • Be responsible for the existence of SOPs in a wholesale or distributor pharmacy and must be involved in the compilation of the said SOPs.
  • Approve and sign off all advertising, promotions and promotional material in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 45 of the Medicines Act
  • In the event that another pharmacist or locum is available in the wholesale or distributor pharmacy to provide pharmaceutical services in the absence of the Responsible Pharmacist, the Responsible Pharmacist may be absent only if suitable mechanisms or procedures or policies were in place
  • Provide SAPC in writing the delegation duties and responsibilities for which he or she is accountable
  • Ensure that all directors are au fait with the current ethical rules of the Pharmacy Act and agree to abide thereby
  • Ensure that all reference sources required in accordance with Regulation 1.2 Minimum Standards for Pharmacy Premises, Facilities and Equipment of the Pharmacy Act are on hand
  • Ensure that every key, key card or other device, or the combination of any device, which allows access to a wholesale or distributor pharmacy when it is locked, is kept only on his/ her person or the person of another pharmacist at all times
  • Ensure that the name of the Responsible Pharmacist is prominently displayed over the entrance of the premises
  • Ensure that the Deputy Responsible Pharmacist is in control of the facility should the Responsible Pharmacist be absent
  • Ensure that all product complaints are investigated and identified as to the nature of the problem in accordance with SOP for Product Complaints
  • Ensure that product complaints involving adverse drug reactions are followed up immediately in accordance with SOP on Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting
  • Ensure that the distributor disposes and destroys all scheduled medicines in accordance with regulation 27 of the Medicines Act
  • Ensure that products are recalled/ withdrawn from the market in accordance with the SAHPRA Guidelines for Recall/ Withdrawal of Medicines

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