To develop, implement and manage all payroll and people based activity within the organisation, including process, policies and procedures, according to internal and legislative specifications and regulations in order to ensure best practise and optimisation of all human capital.

  • Manage all payroll related matters, policies and procedures in order to ensure alignment with legislation and best practice. Assist in the effective facilitation of the recruitment process utilising all documented procedures.
  • Facilitation of the remuneration, benefits and rewards according to the specified documentation, process and procedures.
  • Assist in the facilitation and compliance of the employee relations policies and procedures.
  • Contribute to improving organisational culture and climate.
  • Effective manage all termination processes and procedures within the company.
  • Advise and assist line management in implementing best practise in responsible HR functionalities

Required skills:

Operational Workflow Knowledge

  • Know and understand all internal departmental business processes and procedures in depth in order to apply to all practical situations.
  • In depth knowledge of quality management system.

Legislative Knowledge:

  • In depth knowledge of Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, employment Equity Act, Skills development Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • In depth knowledge on all internal company policies and procedures including the company disciplinary code of conduct.
  • In depth knowledge of Common Law principles with regards to Cooperate governance.

Financial Skills:

  • Basic understanding of business financial applications.
  • Understanding and knowledge of budgets.

Facilitation Skills:

  • Creates learning opportunities that promotes personal growth and understanding for the learner.
  • Displays an understanding of group dynamics and active listening skills.
  • Ensures a collaborative approach to skills and knowledge being effectively applied in the workplace.

Planning Skills:

  • Demonstrate the ability to set objectives on own and be able to implement and prioritise the steps of planning and organising effectively ensuring deadlines are met.
  • Required to co-ordinate the activities of people in his/her section towards goal achievement.
  • Ability to keep to time lines and ensure planning takes place accordingly.

Problem Solving:

  • Ability to effectively determine the set goal and work out an action plan to achieve this goal.
  • Apply logic and reason to identify, understand and resolve obstacles in order to reach target/goal.
  • Display emotional control in order to achieve and exceed targets/goals set.

Conflict Management:

  • Summarises or paraphrases his/her understanding of what others have said to verify understanding and prevent miscommunication.
  • Uses logical reasoning, figures of speech and negotiation skills to reach conclusions acceptable to all parties.
  • Presents arguments that address others most important concerns and issues and looks for a win-win solution.


  • Acts in a courteous, diplomatic, and comforting manner when attending to problems or difficulties customer experience.
  • Displays patience and good manners at all times.
  • Does not offend clients, employees, suppliers or managers and acts in a polite manner.

Understanding of Ethics and Values:

  • Understands the importance of ethics and values.
  • Ensures to act in a manner that sets the example and portrays the image that The Compnay wants to be portrayed through their ethics and values.
  • Ensures to treat all employees in line with Company ethics and values.

Desired Skills:

  • LRA
  • BCEA
  • Time Management
  • Professionalism
  • Pastel
  • Sage
  • Conflict Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Administration
  • SARS
  • Taxation
  • Income Tax
  • Industrial Relations

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

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