The Facilities Manager is responsible for the catering, accommodation, security, maintenance and services of all the camps, villages, offices, boardrooms, workshops, contractors’ facilities and to ensure that they meet the needs of the company and its employees.
The incumbent will also be responsible to facilitate hospitality and will work very closely with the travel and fleet departments.

Qualification & Experience:
Diploma / Degree in Facility Management / Business Administration / Engineering or related discipline
Proven experience as Camp and Facilities Manager
A good knowledge of IT packages
10 years of experience in camp and facilities management preferred;
Experience monitoring and managing schedules, supplies and logistics;
Experience managing subcontractors, preferably for providing facility services;

Facilities Management

  • Involve responding to and dealing with any issues that arise within camps’ setting and its buildings and/or grounds
  • Manage catering expenses that need to be within the approved catering budget
  • Be responsible for responding to work orders and requests filed by camp guests, and other staff members
  • To make sure that all preventive actions and corrective actions are taken to allow a 24h/24h, 7 days/7 running of the camp and utilities
  • Document repairs and maintenance through written work order system and daily work diary
  • Keep appropriate records of preventative maintenance service on all buildings and equipment
  • Report on the general condition of the camp and facilities properties to your line manager and/or board of
  • directors on an annual basis
  • Draft reports and making written recommendations
  • Help to relocate to new offices and allocate office space according to needs and based on the line manager recommendations. Assist to make decisions about leasing
  • Keeps all aspects of physical infrastructure, buildings, grounds to safety standards and ensuring that facilities meet government regulations and environmental, health and security standards
  • Establish and conduct a periodic review of all camps properties, facilities and offices buildings, equipment’s and grounds to meet safety standards and ensuring cleanliness and smooth running of the day to day operations supporting the mining and the construction activities
  • Inspecting buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations
  • Oversees repairs of existing camp & facilities structures and oversee the work of maintenance staffs under the responsibility of our catering sub-contractor
  • Supervising multi-disciplinary teams of staff including cleaning, catering and maintenance
  • Inventory, ordering and maintain all equipment, tools, supplies, furnishings, recreational equipment under your responsibility including making sure that visitors are not moving out of our camps and mining concession with company’s assets
  • Keep forest and grounds healthy, beautiful and fire safe
  • Record utility shut-off valves, and have shut-off tools readily available. Train all staff in physical emergency and evacuation procedures, including utility shut-off steps
  • Assist to welcome incoming groups and help meet needs of guests. Facilitate their departure from site and make sure that travel and fleet department are fully aware of their schedule.
  • Interact with Camp’s guests, when applicable, as part of Camp’s ministry and hospitality
  • Perform other tasks and duties as requested by your line manager and executive management
  • Building responsibilities include: Maintenance and repair of all building infrastructure – heating / cooling, water heating, potable water, plumbing, electrical, septic, fire alarm and fire suppression systems. Also roofs, siding, windows, foundation, structural items and any other item related to the structure of the buildings. In addition, all equipment in buildings is to be maintained in good operating condition – kitchen, laundries, office equipment. Also responsible for design and implementation of upgrades and improvements to buildings. All work to be done in-house, except where required by code, or budget allows, to use a licensed contractor
  • Grounds responsibilities include: Maintenance and repair of all grounds infrastructure – electrical, plumbing, drainage, septic and irrigation systems. Maintenance of all grounds, roads, ball-fields, lighting, Church, parking lots. Also responsible for design and implementation of upgrades and improvements to grounds. All work to be done in-house, except where required by code, or budget allows, to use a licensed contractor
  • Overseeing, agreeing contracts and providers for services including parking, cleaning and catering
  • Ensure quality control and variety on all food served by the catering company. Overviewing the menu proposed by the catering company
  • Managing budgets, ensuring cost-effectiveness, estimating and follow-up the Operational Expenditure budget of the camp and related services
  • To set up and maintain a camp information management system
  • To make sure the Service Level Agreements related to the services performed by the subcontractor are met
  • To assist, audit and follow-up KPI to evaluate the Subcontractor service level
  • To ensure a positive working environment and good team dynamics
  • To check that our catering contractor food stock levels are optimized
  • To ensure that each member of the team and Subcontractors staff are aware of policies, SOPs and they follow them accordingly. Draft missing policies and SOPs if need be in a short timeframe.
  • Report incidents and meeting minutes into Isometrix
  • Staff Management, Local Development and Skill transfer
  • Manage the performance of all staff within the department
  • Mentor and assist in the training and development of employees, in line with company policies
  • Ensure that a culture of discipline is instilled and maintained within the department
  • Safety principles
  • Enhanced Safety, Health and Environment in all disciplines
  • Support and drive all Safety initiatives
  • Make sure that Pre-work assessments are in place for all daily works

Desired Skills:


Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

Employer & Job Benefits:


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