Develop DCC part programmes
– Receives the customer drawing and specifications from process / quality engineering.
– Interprets the customer requirements by reviewing the DRW and specs.
– Reviews part configuration in order to establish factors influencing part viability. I.e. pattern, die or press tool construction, part flexibility, part manufacturing process.
– Establishes reterance system.
– Establishes measurement method for each feature.
– Establishes tool selection and path to measure each feature.
– Generates the software commands to develop the measurement program.
– Tests program off-line using software to track paths or measurement to ensure no physical damage will occur to CMM during measurement.

Set-up DCC part programmes to support receiving inspection
– Develop DCC program.
– Develop and co-ordinate manufacture of locating fixtures for part.
– Set-up SPC link from CMM to SPC software.

Generate initial master data for manufacturing fixtures once development cycle has been completed
– Set up manufacturing fixtures on CMM, develop reference system and generate programme on quality critical characteristics of the fixture.
– Forward the measured data and specification to design engineering for drawing and CAD update.
– Incorporate master program into fixture control procedures

Support timeous resolution related to measurement during problem investigations
– Measuring parts to determine conformance to drawing.
– Develop programs to support capability analysis of suspect parts.
– Reports to manufacturing / engineering teams the outcome and possible alternatives.

Set up DCC programmes to support capability studies
– Develop programmes to support capability analysis of suspect parts.

Measure initial samples for process development and final presentation to customer
– As per Develop DCC part programmes above.
– Measure parts using programs.
– Complies report to support part measurement.
– Reports analysis of data to guide engineering team to alternative methods of tooling / manufacture.

Confirm manufacturing and checking fixture measurements before, during and after modification
– Participated in team problem solving and development process for areas requiring dimensional input.

Develop system procedures compliant with ISO Guide 25 and customer requirements
– Interpret the standard ISO and customer requirements.
– Develop policy statements to satisfy above.
– Develop operating procedures to satisfy above.
– Train personnel in use of these operating procedures.
– Maintain the system to meet ISO / Customer requirement through scheduled audits and improvements.

Train personnel to operate the CMM
– Develop training material and standards.
– Identify candidates.
– Present, instruct and test persons to standard.
– Audit effectiveness of training.

Guide design / quality engineering in fixture tolerancing
– Interpret Draw and specification requirements, compare this to the geometric dimensional and tolerancing guide, and guide design of fixture.



– Standard 10 and NTC 5.
– 3 Years 3D Measuring experience.
– 3 Years 3D Programming experience.
– Qualified Artisan (Tool/Die/Pattern maker).
– Knowledge of problem solving techniques including 8D.
– TOPS methodology. Knowledge of QS9000 & VDA6. – Knowledge of Measurement System Studies.
– Knowledge of ISO Guide 25.
– Detailed knowledge of control plans, failure modes & Effects analysis and statistical techniques.

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