Purpose Statement

  • Provide guidance to self-organising feature teams to operate effectively within the bank by:
    • Ensuring the optimal use/application of Agile/Scrum practices and tools, and
    • Driving the continuous improvement and scrum maturity of the feature teams during the facilitation of Agile ceremonies (including sprint planning, stand-up, sprint retrospective, sprint review)


  • At lease 3 years’ experoence as part of an Agile software delivery team in one or more of the following roles:
    • Project / Programme Management
    • Business Analyst
    • Architect
    • Software Development
    • Tester
    • Product Owner
  • Proven experience in the appliction one of more of the following:
    • Scrum principles, practices and theory
    • Agile techniques (i.e. User Stories; ATDD;TDD;Continuous Integration; Continuous Testing; Paring; Automated Testing)
    • Configuration tools (i.e. JIRA; Confluence etc.)

Qualifications (Minimum)

  • National Certificate in Grade 12 National Certificate

Qualifications (Ideal or Preferred)


  • Must have detailed knowledge of:
    • Documented patterns and techniques related to the Scrum approach (i.e. Burndown techniques, Retrospective formats, handling bugs, etc.)
    • Group facilitation approaches (i.e conflict resolution, effective team work, etc.)
    • Agile approaches: XP, Kanban, Crystal, FDD, etc
    • Agile techniques: User Stories, ATDD, TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Pairing, Automated Testing, Agile Games
  • Must have in-depth understanding of all the Agile roles & principles in order to work well together with the team and stakeholders
  • Good knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency


  • Communications Skills
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Interpersonal & Relationship management Skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Planning, organising and coordination skills


  • Persuading and Influencing_Negotiating Agreements
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks_Maintaining Work-Life Balance
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations_Meeting Basic Work Expectations
  • Persuading and Influencing_Making Convincing Arguments
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks_Managing Stress
  • Working with People_Sharing Information
  • Adapting and Responding to Change_Adapting to Change
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations_Serving Customers
  • Adapting and Responding to Change_Acting as a Champion for Change
  • Relating and Networking_Managing Political Situations
  • Working with People_Resolving Conflict
  • Relating and Networking_Creating and Maintaining Networks
  • Working with People_Adapting to Others
  • Relating and Networking_Establishing Relationships
  • Working with People_Showing Caring and Understanding
  • Deciding and Initiating Action
  • Relating and Networking_Interacting with People at Different Levels
  • Adapting and Responding to Change
  • Persuading and Influencing
  • Adapting and responding to change_Working with Diverse Populations
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations_Delivering High Quality Work
  • Working with People_Teaching
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks
  • Working with People_Demonstrating Appreciation
  • Adapting and Responding to Change_Supporting Change
  • Working with People_Demonstrating Self-Insight and Awareness
  • Relating and Networking
  • Working with People_Attentive Listening
  • Working with People_Building and Supporting Teams
  • Deciding and Initiating Action_Acting Decisively
  • Working with People_Assessing and Understanding People
  • Working with People_Managing from a Distance
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks_Displaying Confidence and Composure
  • Persuading and Influencing_Making a Strong Impression
  • Working with People_Supporting Coworkers
  • Deciding and Initiating Action_Making Accurate Judgments and Decisions
  • Adapting and Responding to Change_Working with Ambiguity
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks_Demonstrating Tenacity and Perseverance
  • Deciding and Initiating Action_Demonstrating Initiative
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations_Championing Customer Needs
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Working with People

Additional Information

  • Contactable via own mobile phone
  • A valid driver’s license and own vehicle is preferred
  • Clear criminal and credit record

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