API Automation Engineer Role in JHB

We are looking forAPI Automation EngineerProfessionals with 5+ yearsof solid development experience inAPIAutomation.

About The Employer:

Job Description
Your primary responsibility is to assure the quality of the Personal loan application on the banking app using various tools and techniques. You will be working alongside developers, business analysts, and other team members both within the team and the wider community to deliver consistent solutions and strategies. You will be required to learn a new toolset that focuses on automating early (Known as stubbing).Fast learner with the ability to learn and unlearn frameworks. Automation experience is a MUST.
Design automation testing plans and develop automation test scripts for multiple technical products/services (pre, during & post-deployment) in both? Run & Change? contexts and align to chosen application testing frameworks & guidelines. Testing may apply to all or a combination of the following front-end, back-end, integration, performance, scalability, and regression testing of solutions. This entails full responsibility for ensuring products are protected through quantifiable test coverage & metrics.
Automation engineer responsibilities

  • Identify opportunities for automation within software processes.
  • Design and execute QA tests using scripts that automatically test functionality.
  • Run tests for databases, systems, networks, applications, hardware, and software.
  • Identify bugs and quality issues in development, service, or business processes.
  • Install applications and databases relevant to automation.
  • Collaborate with other business units to understand how automation can improve workflow.
  • Gather requirements from clients, customers or end-users to develop the best automation solutions.

IT automation engineer skills
As an automation engineer, youll need a wide range of technical skills and soft skills. You will need to understand the systems, networks, hardware, and software youre working with, but you also need the skills to communicate and collaborate with other business units, clients, or customers. The job requires programming skills in languages such as C#, SQL, and Java, but the languages and tools youll need to know will vary by industry. Youll also need a working knowledge of mobile, web, and desktop operating systems, and experience with analytics, robotics, AI, and machine learning. Leadership skills will also be important since youll need to lead cross-departmental efforts to help streamline business processes.
Some of the most common skills for an automation engineer include:

  • Automation and robotics
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Programming and coding experience
  • Project management
  • Agile, cloud, and DevOps
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Experience in computer science or engineering
  • API
  • JAVA, Python, C#, JIRA,

Other Skills:

  • Good professional communication skills
  • Self-Motivated and have the ability to adapt quickly
  • Committed and dedicated to achieving results
  • Innovative and adhere to best coding practices

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