TechSoft International, the exclusive African territory partner for Tibci Software, is investing significantly in growing the business to take advantage of the explosive data market across the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Analysts predict that the global data analytics market is set to grow with a CAGR of 25% from 2021 to 2030 to reach $24,63-billion. According to TechSoft, the local market will play a significant part in this as African businesses start to embrace the value of their data. Against this backdrop, TechSoft is putting a stake in the ground to build critical mass internally to assist clients in achieving success based on data insights.

“Data is today worth more than oil, and it is an infinite commodity that businesses can turn to change their customer engagement models at a moment’s notice. Our alignment to TIBCO provides African customers the perfect partnership to help them not just make sense of their data, but also build data-aware businesses that have the infrastructure in place to digest and use it,” says Kooban Naidoo, CEO at TechSoft International.

“This market explosion is having a positive impact on our business, and as a result, TechSoft is investing in widening our resource pool, securing new talent, and positioning ourselves as the preeminent provider of data and integration solutions on the continent.”

In support of its growth strategy, the company is making strategic business changes that will better align it with its customers while significantly strengthening its professional services model. This includes the employment of a team of data and infrastructure experts to provide the local support that its partners and customers need. This team will assist with both pre- and post-sales support of the full remit of TIBCO solutions and the bespoke TechSoft offerings it has developed.

Additionally, the TechSoft team will be looking to grow its software integration and development portfolio, building bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs of African companies, agencies and governments.

“Tibco is a strategic partner to our business, and to better serve our clients and partner channel, we want to make their experience with the company and its products as seamless as possible. Which we can achieve by bringing technical and sales resources closer to where they are,” adds Naidoo.

Other areas of the business the company is reshaping includes marketing, sales, management, and consulting. According to Naidoo, these positive changes are tied to its strategic vision to be an employer of choice for all data experts, analysts, and innovators in Africa.