Monitor and review the capturing of all physical (moveable and immoveable) assets in the physical asset management registers
a) Receipt of all moveable assets.
b) Perform quantity and quality control
c) Allocation of inventory and bar code to assets.
d) Capturing of asset information in the relevant registers.

Monitor and review the allocation of assets to asset holders.
a) Determination of the asset allocation according to furniture and equipment policy and procedures of the department.
b) Capturing of asset information on the inventory list (room list) of the asset holder.
c) Issuing of asset and inventory list (room list) list to asset holder.
d) The delivery of assets to the asset holder.
e) Approval of the moveable asset register updates

Oversee and review the monitoring of assets in accordance with the relevant policy and procedures

a) Monitoring assets for compliance with asset control
b) Monitoring assets for physical condition utilisation functionality and financial performance. c) Monitoring the performance of asset verification according to prescribed time frames.
d) Compile reports on the state of assets

Disposal of redundant and obsolete assets
a) Assist in developing the DST disposal plan/ strategy.

b) Co-ordinate and effect the disposals or transfers

Promote correct implementation of sound asset management practices by –
a) Informing guiding and advising departmental employees on asset
b) management matters; and contributing to the design and development of asset management
c) systems, policies, strategic and annual physical asset management planning.

Supervise employees to ensure sound physical asset management.

a) General supervision of employees.

b) Allocate duties and do quality control of the work delivered by supervisees.

c) Advice and lead supervisees with regard to all aspects of the work.

d) Manage performance, conduct and discipline of supervisees.

e) Ensure that all supervisees are trained and developed to be able to deliver work of the required standard efficiently and effectively.

f) Develop, implement and monitor work systems and processes to ensure efficient and effective functioning.

g) Address enquiries and provide advice and guidance on asset allocation and control

a) Analytical skill
b) Financial management
c) Project management
d) Communication skills
e) People management 3


Diploma / degree in Logistics / Finance or Supply Chain Management

2 years’ experience in asset management environment

Desired Skills:

  • see above spec

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