Since the easing of the hard lockdown restrictions, thousands of workers have returned to the office in towns and cities across South Africa.

New data from IWG shows that visits to its South African centres are up by 25% since the beginning of January.

Research by IWG earlier this year revealed three times the number of FTSE 250 companies are now looking to use the “hub and spoke” office model post-pandemic, with central offices and smaller satellites closer to where employees work.

Mark Dixon, founder and CEO of IWG, comments: “We are seeing in real time more and more people returning to our spaces, across the more than a hundred countries in which we operate. Our latest data shows that there is strong appetite to spend part of the time in an office environment, be that a local office or a central HQ .

“The growing popularity of hybrid working amongst employees and businesses means workers now have the freedom and flexibility to choose a location to work from which suits their lifestyle.

“The past 12 months has shown that while businesses can largely operate effectively remotely, they are planning for a hybrid future,” he adds. “The role of the office is evolving, and we are seeing enquiries and demand across our brands including Regus and Spaces greatly increase as employees seek out locations closer to home.”