While some executives would like to lower costs and increase efficiency, others want business growth and responsiveness. Flash technology is fast, efficient, and affordable.

All-flash storage is hot news, and has been for some time. Its initial explosive growth was curtailed by exorbitant prices that saw only a select few being able to afford it. But that has changed.

Organisations want to be seen as environmentally conscious. Apart from the obvious PR value, there is also money that can be saved and reinvested into the business through implementation of `green’ practices.

All-flash storage consumes 50% to 80% less electricity than traditional HDD systems, because datacentres tend to be more energy-efficient than individual servers distributed around an organisation. Despite a higher purchasing price, these cost-saving factors make all-flash a more economical system in the long term.

The world is facing an explosion of data; in the next five to 10 years, the amount of data to be stored will increase from 32 ZB in 2018 to 180 ZB by 2025. This data explosion will further drive the maturity of the data value chain and propel enterprises’ decision-making and innovation.

Morgan Malyon, Executive Product Manager/Senior Solution’s Manager at Huawei Enterprise Technologies, says datacentres are responsible for centralised storage, computing, and the exchange of data resources. Considering the explosive data growth, diverse data types, and the ever-increasing importance of it, datacentres face some challenges.

The in-depth digital transformation of enterprises causes huge numbers of offline services to go online, and innovative services to emerge one after another. This is exemplified by the financial sector, where the transactions per second of large banks are increasing dozens of times because of e-commerce and mobile payments.

With the explosion of cloud services, the cornerstone of these platforms is storage, and the ability to deliver services to customers at near on-premise speeds has driven the exponential growth in all-flash.

Datacentres have become a major power consumer. Currently, the total global power consumption of datacentres is around two to three percent of the annual world power consumption. High-energy consumption results in high electricity costs and carbon emissions. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, global emissions must fall by 7.6% per year for the next decade to meet the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C. The European Union has also pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

So building a green, reliable, and intelligent all-flash datacentre becomes a major challenge for future sustainable development.

Donna Mostert, Huawei Line of Business Manager at Mustek, says: “Services require high-end storage to undertake more missions, which is another inevitable trend in the development of all-flash. All-scenario flash is also characterised by comprehensive data protection. Faster disaster recovery, higher use frequency of copies, and longer retention are in high demand.”

Huawei OceanStor all flash offers:

Enhanced reliability: The drive for more reliable all-flash technologies has led to deep investment in the capabilities around uptime, longer lifespan and extended meantime between failures. This, coupled with advanced controller failover capabilities, provides unrivalled reliability in this market segment.

Enhanced performance: NVMe architectures, immense levels of cache and the ability to scale up and out as required changes the dimensions of performance for all-flash storage. Huawei All Flash provides leading performance metrics across multiple application scenarios, proving its worth in reducing performance bottlenecks in traditionally choked environments.

Plug-and-play solution: Implements one-click capacity expansion and automatic management and enhances ease of use in future construction. All-flash storage has never been easier.

While some still believe that all-flash is best suited for only large enterprises with large storage needs, it is ideal for businesses of every size. “All-flash solutions are being made available at a price to suit every business. Irrespective of the size of the business, or the industry in which it operates, all-flash arrays offer a competitive edge and enhanced levels of productivity.

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