HPE has brought a new multi-cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) data centre solution to the South African market. The multi-cloud data centre model is all about leveraging the cloud to define the customer experience, while underpinned by HPE’s GreenLake platform.

The multi-cloud offering is the latest culmination of a long-standing partnership between HPE and Datacentrix, and the infrastructure of Teraco.

The data centre offering runs on HPE’s GreenLake platform, with a variety of Datacentrix solutions and services bolted on top. These include backup and disaster recovery by Veeam, as well as storage and compute. It delivers the cloud experience across data centres, multi-clouds and edges, and provides data insights to better manage capacity, performance, compliance and cost.

HPE South Africa CEO President Ntuli says the solution is not only technologically innovative, but is also a direct response to the needs of South African enterprises. “There is a considerable uptake of public cloud services in South Africa, but companies still need to retain control over their own data. As a result, many applications and a lot of data remain on-premises for business reasons.

“However, companies with an existing public cloud presence can now leverage GreenLake to combine the cloud’s simplicity and agility with the governance, compliance, and visibility of the Hybrid IT model.”

Ntuli adds that, while companies cannot take everything to a public cloud, the new data centre offering gives customers flexibility by enabling them to pay for the services and capacity that they use rather than having to invest upfront.

Datacentrix CEO Ahmed Mahomed says the company has the expertise to manage complex customer environments, as the data centre solution is an extension of a service already being offered to the market. “We manage complex environments and the customer can be assured that they are outsourcing these capabilities to two reputable organisations.”

He notes that the PaaS solution lowers capital expenditure as it gives customers the flexibility to only pay for what they use and to scale up services as and when needed. “If you think about it, the cost of managing infrastructure is significant. Now, customers never have to worry about building their own data centre. We provide a cost-effective cloud platform, where the customer can obtain extra capacity in our data centre when they need to for solutions such as data recovery, for example.”

Teraco CEO Jan Hnizdo says the organisation is excited to be the critical infrastructure provider to further the strategic partnership between HPE and Datacentrix. He adds that this cloud hosting platform is significant for businesses as most are now pursuing a hybrid cloud adoption strategy, given the attractiveness of the pay-per-use model that the cloud offers.

“The deployment of HPE GreenLake cloud services in Teraco’s data centres ensures that users obtain cost efficiencies and security, without having to invest in data centre or server and software infrastructure. Teraco provides secure and operational reliability, coupled with Datacentrix’s full system integration solutions while incorporating HPE’s GreenLake. This truly is a pay-per-use Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering.”