InterSystems has announced the availability of InterSystems HealthShare Message Transformation Service.

Developed for use with Amazon HealthLake, the on-demand service enables healthcare providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies to convert their existing data formats to FHIR standards to populate Amazon HealthLake and extract the most value from their data.

Amazon HealthLake is a HIPAA-eligible service designed to store, transform, query, and analyse health data at scale. Using the HealthLake APIs, organisations can easily store health data already in the HL7(r) FHIR(r) industry standard to a secure data lake in the cloud. But, many healthcare systems, labs, and pharmacies still have most of their data in existing (non-FHIR) formats such as HL7 V2, impeding interoperability and the ability to derive full value from their data.

AWS selected InterSystems as one of the Amazon HealthLake Connector Partners to develop and introduce complementary products to coincide with the launch of Amazon HealthLake. Solutions such as InterSystems HealthShare Message Transformation Service, which is part of the InterSystems HealthShare suite of products, enable users to fully leverage products such as Amazon HealthLake to derive meaningful insights from their data, like examining trends such as disease progression at the individual or population health level over time, spotting opportunities for early intervention, and delivering personalised medicine.

“As an Advanced Technology Partner of AWS – and having achieved the AWS Healthcare ISV Competency Designation – InterSystems continues to assert our position as a leader in interoperability and healthcare customer success,” says Don Woodlock, head of healthcare solutions for InterSystems. “We welcome opportunities like these that encourage and enable interoperability for healthcare organisations looking to get the most out of their data.”

As the first official software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering from InterSystems, HealthShare Message Transformation Service promotes interoperability by making health data conversion more easily and securely accessible. It is delivered in an automated, single interface, making it easy to manage, consume, and scale.

InterSystems HealthShare Message Transformation Service is available via a consumption-based model, allowing organisations of any size or specialisation to take advantage of the service and scale their use as needs fluctuate. This collaboration represents a deepening of the relationship between InterSystems and AWS, which includes the availability of InterSystems IRIS data platform on AWS Quick Start. InterSystems is also collaborating with AWS on their AWS for Health initiative, helping accelerate Health IT initiatives and simplify interoperability for healthcare organisations.