Project Manager than can coach and mentor (Servant Leader) Can add value to the project and be factual
Attention to detail and sense of urgency in a subtle way
Great Attitude and bubbly personality
Project Manager who has experience in IT integration projects and strategies
Experience in CRM (Salesforce)
Worked in a telecoms environment and a solid understanding of fibre technology
Worked on CRM – Salesforce
Worked on IT Projects with solid experience in data and systems integration
Project Manager who is experienced in Agile and Waterfall
Strong stakeholder management skills
Must have the ability to acquire understanding and absorb information rapidly
Strong but friendly demeanour, and must also have the ability to say no when necessary.
Must earn the trust of senior stakeholders.
Be able to remain stable and calm in stressful situations.
Assertive, able to take stand on issues without being abrasive.
Strong communication skills – able to communicate well one on one, in small groups and presentations to senior stakeholders. Thinks quickly on feet.
Keep people informed and not shy away from delivery bad news.
Must have persuasion skills – able to persuade in change efforts and be convincing.
Attention to detail and factual (manager profile).
Must be able to give solid backing from experience for decisions.
Must have the ability to organize and run effective meetings
Provide change leadership, and manage conflict effectively
Effectively work through conflicts to optimize outcome
Need to exhibit energy, strong desire to achieve, high dedication level. Positive, ‘can-do’ attitude


Waterfall (relatively strong on governance)
Agile – most stakeholders work on Agile
Therefore candidate must be able to roam between Waterfall and Agile (Wagile)

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