Firmware is classified as programmable content, like remote controls, computer software and more. As a Firmware Engineer you will work with these electronic hardware devices, creating and installing algorithms that allow the devices to serve their purpose. The algorithms are specific instructions that enable a device to properly function.

You will also work to prevent glitches in software and ensure everything runs smoothly updating technology and its hardware to work well with updates in the company’s systems.
A firmware engineer plans, improves and manages software applications from inception to use. This can include allocating resources to complete programming projects, and designing detailed plans to ensure firmware is functioning properly.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Design and develop firmware for products and services
  • Perform design and code reviews and recommend improvements
  • Perform testing to validate product architecture and design
  • Collaborate with other engineers on technical and design issues
  • Develop firmware algorithms to handle exceptional conditions and errors
  • Install and verify the firmware on embedded system

Desired Skills:

  • firmware
  • integration

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