The Role: Essential functions:

  • The company has various systems/applications that are still on Windows Server 2003 and later which is not supported anymore.
  • The Obsolescence program is tasked to look into these systems and migrate them to newer ones so that the old servers can be decommissioned.
  • The role needs you to look at these systems/applications, analyse them, then make a call on if they can be migrated to a newer system or if they need to be completely rewritten. You will then also be responsible for the migration or rewriting of this.

Skills and Experience: Essential Qualification:

  • Mainly web services, SQL databases, ActiveBatch job automations and schedules, potentially SSIS packages
  • Visual Studio 2019 ?? C#/ Web Services development & maintenance/ SSIS Packages / SQL Server

Preferred Qualification:

  • Primarily back end development
  • ActiveBatch ?? Automation & Scheduling configurations

Experince required:

  • Worked with quite a few systems over the years and gained the necessary experience to be able to fulfil the ??Essential functions?

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