Oracle DBA with SQL and Cognos skills.
Cognos purely on the front end doing dev. All about how are you going to present the data or you can use pass-through SQL in Cognos. SQL Package is written in the background and they attach Cognos to that package. Out of those scenarios they rarely use the framework one they use the pass-through SQL. Take what is existing and make changes. The client has a system for authorisations for Chronics etc. – that is being replaced with a system called BCS. Taking current query off the tables to read off new data sets that are combining the two data sources. There is a BA and PM in that space.

They go directly to Oracle DB or SQL server so use passthrough SQL not Framework Manager. There are senior Oracle DBAs that can tweak queries if there are performance issues. When queries diverted to new one the results must be the same as old one.
Other work is creating reports off brand new structure or whatever maintenance may be required.
Needs a strong Oracle person with scripting side. That can go into Cognos, take query, re-write, put back, run reports and cross check.

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