At BET Software we are seeking for exceptional candidates that are DevOps Engineers!!!

Cloud-space-owners with winning attitudes, skills and experience in designing, leading and building automated deployment toolset in support of our infrastructure environments. The hired Team mate will be responsible for delivering, maintaining, and optimising infrastructures, databases, and middleware capabilities to support and enable the development and operations of solutions. The incumbent will work closely with the teams responsible and ensure the final output meets the expected objectives. Also responsible for reviewing solution designs, understanding their impact on application/infrastructure, building and implementing infrastructure and applications, monitoring, maintaining, and supporting the operational environments.

Qualifications | Experience | Skills

  • Min 5 years in a development/deployments focused role
  • Software Development Tertiary qualifications
  • Detailed knowledge of the SDLC and management of software projects.
  • Technical core automated deployment/DevOps/CI-CD/DevOps concepts, tools and technologies
  • Exposure background from software development teams and working in scalable platform
  • Provide solutions to implement continuous integration & continuous deployment solutions for large sized project.
  • Experience in guiding teams to tackle, build & deploy automation solutions.
  • Designed and Implemented release orchestration solutions for these large sized projects.
  • Performed pre-assessments experience in helping customers begin the DevOps journey
  • Ability to use projects tools/systems such as Jira and Git.
  • Windows/Linux background

Desired Skills:

  • Deployments
  • Planning preparation and participation
  • Implementation of solution
  • Support Testing and Verification
  • Perform Monitoring and Configuration

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Diploma

About The Employer:

BET Software is an innovative software solution provider disrupting global markets with our vanguard software solutions. The company is made up of enthusiastic, accountable and innovative team members who are committed to service excellence. Our team of highly-skilled software engineers are responsible for the innovation of world class software solutions and systems while providing exceptional 24/7 support and customer service. If that sounds like a culture you’d thrive in, then we are excited to hear from you.

Our company is passionate about pushing technological boundaries to create world-class online and retail betting solutions and other pioneering software solutions and systems.

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