Be involved with designing and developing an existing platform from the ground up, implementing industry standards in developing the architecture from the front end to the back end using the latest technologies and cloud-based services. The individual needs to be able to work on a team and work to tight deadlines. If deadlines are not going to be met, overtime will be required.

The Role

You will need experience in the following aspects of a project:

  • Front-End
  • API Layer
  • Business / Service Layer
  • ORM
  • Database and Stored Procedures

Desired Skills:

  • react
  • React Native
  • Front-end
  • Front-end Development
  • ReactJS
  • ORM
  • API Layer
  • Business Service layer

About The Employer:

Questions – Please complete this questionaire and forward together with CV to [Email Address Removed]

– Please describe your React experience, referencing the type of project(s), your role on the project(s) and the state management, UI Framework used in the project(s). Did you use classes or functional components?
– Please describe your experience in designing/building API’s, including the authentication framework used.
– Please describe your business layer / service layer architecture used in the project(s).
– Which ORM Tools have you used and what experience do you have?
– Please describe your experience using a Test-Driven Development framework.
– Please list which database(s) you have solid experience with and your interaction with the database (e.g. DBA, Stored Procedures, through an ORM etc).
– Please list any experience you have with Cloud Services (e.g. AWS, Azure etc).
– Which Git Providers do you have experience with and what was your role?
– What tools have you used to generate documentation?
– Please describe your experience with Agile/Scrum methodology.
– Please describe any CI/CD experience you may have.

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