The Institute for Maritime Technology (IMT), a Division of the Research and Development Department located in Simon’s Town in the Western Cape, has a vacancy for a Senior Manager. Applications are invited from people who meet the qualification and experience requirements below.

IMT is a multidisciplinary division that specialises in defence research and the development, testing and evaluation of maritime systems. Qualified personnel form a multidisciplinary team, a factor that contributes to the success of the division.


The Senior Manager: Institute for Maritime Technology holds the responsibility for strategic and operational planning and management of the IMT division including aspects such as management of employees and budgets and to establish and ensure sustained availability and accessibility of specific capabilities and expertise and competencies to provide systems and technology support to the SA Navy and other clients.



  • Manage the budget of the division in a cost effective manner.
  • Manage, develop, maintain and motivate individuals and teams and to build constructive relationships between individuals within the division.
  • Recruit, interview, select and maintain well-qualified staff.
  • Conduct performance management of the team by contracting performance contracts, monitoring performance and providing feedback on performance to all team members.
  • Do succession planning for all key positions in the division in order to ensure business continuity.
  • Ensure the resolution of internal personnel conflicts.
  • Facilitate effective corporate governance business practices.
  • Manage and improve the services/products provided to the customer base.
  • Develop policies and practices that affect the entire function/department within the framework of the organisation’s policy.
  • Manage the remuneration of employees in the best interest of both the employee and the organisation by ensuring that team members are remunerated in a cost effective and fair manner in relation to their contribution.
  • Manage divisional performance against agreed targets and budgets, and within policies and standards as referenced ARMSCOR Management Documents and IMT ISO 9001 procedures.
  • Plan and direct the organisation’s activities to achieve self-sustainability with respect to financial and operational performance, quality, culture and legislative adherence.


Strategic Perspective

  • Identify, develop and direct the implementation of a divisional business strategy guided by R&D Departmental guidelines, customer requirements, IMT needs and technological trends related to the maritime defence environment.
  • Alignment of IMT business unit objectives with client requirements and Armscor R&D Strategy.

Financial Perspective

  • Financial management and reporting in conformance to Armscor practices and procedures.
  • Financial self-sustainability of the Division.
  • Maintenance of established business agreements (DOD as well as Non-DOD).
  • Business development by identification, development and exploitation of new (DOD as well as Non-DOD) business opportunities.

Stakeholder Engagement Perspective

  • Optimise customer service by pro-actively maintaining and supporting the joint planning, coordination and review structures and procedures established between IMT and other DOD stakeholders, in particular the SA Navy and the Directorate Technology Development.
  • Establish and maintain formal and informal communication with top ranking DoD clients (Chief of the Navy, Chief Director Maritime Strategy, Director Maritime Warfare, Flag Officer Fleet, Director Naval Acquisition, Director Technology Development, Director Naval Engineering Service) to inform, persuade, and to influence client decisions.
  • Establish and maintain formal and informal communication with senior ranking DOD clients (Senior Staff Officers and Senior Officers in SANDF) to inform, transfer knowledge, persuade, and to influence client decisions.
  • Maintenance of both new and established DOD and Non-DOD networks (in the defence industry and especially in the maritime domain).
  • Management of internal and client interfaces.
  • Management of interface to Departmental Management.

Internal Improvement Perspective and Compliance

  • Ensure the resolution of all Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality issues (SHE Legal Compliance).
  • Integration of diverse capability groups to provide effective client service.
  • Management of service quality by maintenance of appropriate and effective business processes.
  • Approval of organisation documents and reports submitted to higher level management.
  • Approval of all IMT business process procedures and documentation.
  • Ensure the appropriate level of approval of IMT outputs to clients.



  • A Master’s Degree in Engineering or Science.
  • A PhD or post graduate management degree such as an MBA will be an advantage.


  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience, which must include experience at senior management level.
  • Technology management experience in military technologies.
  • Experience in Research Management (preferably in Defence Research)
  • Financial Management experience essential
  • Business Management
  • South African National Defence Force, especially South African Navy knowledge will be an advantage

Desired Skills:

  • People Management
  • Financial Management
  • Technology and Management Coordination
  • Research Methodologies
  • Client Interface Development and Maintenance
  • Quality and Risk Management
  • Safety Health and Environmental

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