Minimum qualification required:

  • Relevant IT / Business Degree

Role tasks:

  • Designs and builds IT solutions as well as hardware and infrastructure at enterprise level
  • Completes the specification, product selection and design of hardware / infrastructure components to implement a technology architecture
  • Identifies and evaluates new and emerging technologies and ICT methods and techniques
  • Supports license management of all used software
  • Ensures license compliance for the product CSDM
  • Identifies new training requirements and conducts training of further CSDM team members
  • Onboards new team members regarding technical aspects of document and output management solutions
  • Steers external provider teams for CSDM maintenance tasks
  • Supports the product owner with options regarding future software decisions based on knowledge of changing customer demands, technical features and conducted technical tests (proof of concepts)
  • Supports the product owner to shape the product roadmap
  • Provides education operations in areas where no formal program exists

General Technical / Functional skills

  • Knowledge of document- and output management solutions on Unix/Linux operating systems
  • Knowledge of IT architectures, patterns and IT license management
  • A sound knowledge of IT security requirements for enterprise IT middleware solutions
  • Ability to prepare ISO compliant documents, if required
  • Ability to perform all tasks in a 100 % agile manner according to the agile guidelines agreed by the department

Specific Technical / Functional skills:

  • Architectural design of cloud-based solution spaces for mainframe applications
  • Transforming decoupling principles into flexible architectural solutions
  • Design reference architectural solutions based on clustered application cloud landing zones
  • Review architecture & system design and improve functionality.
  • Understanding of mainframe legacy DB and programming solutions
  • Collaborate with POC ext. Supplier
  • Modify and adjust architectural guidelines, target design principles and solution spaces based on POC results
  • Structuring appropriated feature teams in context of a migration factory approach
  • Change Data Capture Technologies for synchronisation/replicating Mainframe DB into cloud and integration into cloud integration layer
  • Review and present changes to Product Owners.
  • Develop systems solutions in line with quality and delivery requirements.
  • Actively participate in troubleshooting, debugging, and updating current live systems.
  • System integration to and from other endpoints.
  • System testing/parallel runs
  • System implementation
  • System audits/quality assurance
  • Experience in architecture principles, system integration, technical sizing, high availability aspects, integration best practices
  • AWS Cloud
  • Open API
  • Serverless development and support.
  • Automation concepts for DevOps based on architectural reference solution spaces
  • Service orientation following decoupling and modularisation principles

Core understanding of and working experience with:

  • Cloud Architectures and technologies of known hyperscalers (AWS, Azure)
  • Streaming Services and technologies like KAFKA
  • Pub/Sub principles and technologies
  • DB2, IMS,
  • Java, COBOL, PL1, J2EE
  • Lambda
  • Openshift / Docker / Kubernetes
  • Maven multi module project setup and development
  • Git with Bitbucket
  • Terraform
  • CloudFormation

Soft skills:

  • Problem solving capabilities
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to work interdependently as well as independently and submit deliverables on time and with excellent quality
  • Excellent interpersonal and organisational skills with ability to communicate effectively (both verbally and in writing) with both technical and non-technical colleagues / users
  • Strong ability to understand and interpret business needs and requirements with an aptitude to move concepts through to proposal and successful implementation
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Above board work ethics
  • Flexibility to take up different tasks in the project
  • Ability and willingness to coach and give training to fellow colleagues and users when required
  • Willing and able to travel internationally

Additional Requirements (if applicable):

  • German speaking (Advantageous)
  • Working on Agile Environment
  • Test Driven Development
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Terraform / Glue / S3 / CloudFormation (advantageous)
  • Linux/Shell scripting
  • Working experience with the IBM IIB (Highly advantageous)
  • Angular (advantageous)
  • Payara/Quarkus (advantageous)

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