Experience and Qualifications:

  • B. Com / B.Sc. degree, IT Diploma, or equivalent qualification
  • IT and report writing experience
  • Microsoft SQL Server certification preferred
  • Strong Microsoft SQL Server programming skills: 4 6-year experience
  • Microsoft Power BI experience preferred: 2 3-year experience
  • Microsoft Reporting Services experience preferred: 2 3-year experience
  • Work with databases from a wide variety of vendors and database platforms (MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and Oracle)
  • XML/XSL Experience preferred

Responsibilities and work output:

  • The analysis of reporting requirements as defined by business, and documenting the desired solution and/or recommendations
  • Translation of reporting requirements between business and the technology and tools necessary to deliver on those requirements.
  • The development of reports, and underlying scripts and procedures, according to business requirements.
  • Ensure a high level of quality is achieved by performing constant testing and reviews of reports implemented. This includes doing performance optimisation of existing SQL code to make it execute faster whilst proving the integrity of the report is still intact.
  • Interact with existing reporting resources and ensure a single reporting strategy is maintained.
  • Interact with other technology teams and database administrators to ensure that reporting continuity is maintained.
  • Participate in the change process to improve efficiency of testing.
  • Formalize communication to ensure accurate reporting on deliverables.
  • Ensure signoff on all reporting deliverables according to business specifications.
  • Work in partnership with the business analysts, product owners, and other IT and business personnel to maximize project delivery success.
  • Report and estimate on the development timelines.
  • Continually build and enhance knowledge of reporting technologies.
  • Continually improve the reporting writing process by investigating and implementing new and innovative reporting writing methods

Competencies Required:

  • Strong analytical & problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage a crisis effectively
  • Methodical, logical, patient, careful, and accurate.
  • Good communicator, who can work well with others, but also possess the self-discipline and stamina to work on their own initiative
  • Interfacing with clients
  • Interpersonal skills

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