The Role: One of our major clients in the financial market industry are looking for an Agile Scrum Master. This company stands for growing shared prosperity, connecting for co-creation and servant leadership.Essential Functions:

  • Formalise project plans through inspection and adaption by planning daily during stand-ups, committing to plan for next 24 hours, agreeing and defining sprint durations with product owners and defining what and how in planning session the outcome is the sprint goal and sprint backlog
  • Provide strategic thinking and contributions to crafting of departmental and project business plan based on professional knowledge and experience, to ensure delivery of focus areas for the year in support of project strategy
  • Conduct sprint planning for 2 or 3 sprints in the future with a sprint durations are normally between 1 to 4 weeks
  • Provide input into project budget to ensure appropriate resource allocation in achievement of department and project goals
  • Manage allocated budget through monitoring and seeking cost effective ways in achievement of department and project goals
  • Enable delivery teams to be structured and empowered by the organisation to organise and manage their own work to achieve their goals, making use of Agile and Scrum methodology practices, working diligently to identify and eliminate impediments
  • Optimise teams and individuals to deliver the best quality software that furthers organisational goals by clarifying expectations and responsibilities and ensuring the team has all required skills, knowledge, tools and focus to perform their tasks and performing regular retrospectives to continuously adapt and improve the process
  • Track and communicate team progress to the product owner
  • Protect the delivery team from outside factors that could distract from the team’s true goals and velocity by removing impediments to optimize work throughput in the team
  • Constantly monitor the team velocity to ensure delivery is on track by tracking progress on individual items using tools such as TFS and using burndown charts, burnup charts, velocity reports, release planning and defect metrics
  • Facilitate getting the work done through motivating and applying healthy pressure to the delivery team
  • Ensure systems, products or projects delivered contributes to improve client service by providing input on budgets, resources required and process based on the understanding of costs, business objectives and relationship with external suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Contribute as professional taking responsibility for both operational and strategic initiatives
  • Provide specialist input on best practices for delivering a specific system; identified specific requirement risk; improvements in teams process to enable continuous delivery; and high-level budget estimations in terms of length of work items resource requirements to complete work based on envisioning workshops.

Skills and Experience: Essential Qualification:

  • Relevant B Comm
  • BA or BSC Degree

Prefered Qualification:

  • Honours
  • Masters
  • Agile certifications such as CSM (Certified Scrum Master); CSP (Certified Scrum Practitioner)

Experience required:

  • Minimum of 8 years.
  • Must include experience as an IT Agile SCRUM master.
  • Working with Agile development teams.
  • 2 years exposure to Scrum and Kanban methodologies.
  • Including 2 years managing a development team.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Ensure project team’s requirements are clearly articulated and test system delivery against expectations during showcases
  • Build sustainable relationships with project stakeholders including vendors through transparency, clear criteria, improved knowledge of businesses, negotiation and delivery
  • Build networks that are of use to the by participate in industry meetings and being a member of Scrum User Group SA
  • Build strategic / Industry/ Global network of thought leaders and relationships utilising social media, attending and presenting at conferences and training interventions
  • Build relationships with colleagues by using appropriate interpersonal styles to also assist team and product owner in dealing with conflict and obstacles

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