Fujitsu Primergy servers are now certified and available for Windows Server 2022 – the latest version of one of the most popular server operating systems (OS) and the heartbeat of data centres around the world.

The latest innovations in the new Windows Server include advanced multi-layer security and more secure remote working. In combination with Fujitsu’s Primergy servers, customers can benefit from even more robust levels of security as well as heightened flexibility, efficiency, and productivity – and have a flexible platform to modernise applications with containers or implementing other IT migration plans with confidence.


The world’s most popular server operating system

Windows Server keeps the digital world running as the server OS platform of choice for critical services and applications. Its position in the data center market means that this latest release of Microsoft’s server OS is a significant milestone in the innovation calendar for data center managers and IT strategists.


Addresses growing cybersecurity threats

With the ever-growing number of cybersecurity threats and the rapidly escalating impact of incidents, security is a top priority for IT leaders. Fujitsu Server Primergy and Windows Server 2022 include new security features such as Secured-Core Server, Secure Connectivity and Platform Firmware Resilience (PFR).

Secured-Core Server combines powerful threat protection and provides multi-layered security across hardware, firmware, and the operating system. Secured-Connectivity adds an additional layer of security in transit for advanced protection.

With PFR, the system can protect the platform firmware, detect damage, and restore it to a known good state.


More secure remote working

Being able to work from anywhere is an important factor for many businesses today. Above all, the security of company data and applications is a top priority. With Windows Server Remote Desktop Services, IT administrators can easily enable users to access applications and desktops from anywhere.

The platform offers more secure access to virtualized applications, remote desktop access and simplified management. With the integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC) and the Infrastructure Manager Software (ISM) from Fujitsu, IT leaders can also access their data center from anywhere at any time to get an integrated view and centralized control.

Christian Leutner, vice-president and head of product sales: Europe at Fujitsu, says: “Data-driven transformation continues to advance, presenting clients with new challenges. More data has to be processed, more apps and services must be available and function properly. With Windows Server 2022 and Fujitsu Primergy servers, users benefit from a perfect match with even greater security and better system performance.

The combination of Fujitsu Primergy servers, which are highly-respected by customers for their proven reliability, and the important new features in Windows Server 2022 give customers a secure, future-proof environment for today’s and tomorrow’s workloads and business needs.”


Fujitsu Primergy enhancements

The Fujitsu x86 line-up includes two new Primergy RX servers for enterprise dats centres, a brand-new GPU-accelerated Primergy GX series server, and two powerful compute nodes with the enhanced Primergy CX400 chassis (2U), ideal for virtualization and high-performance computing where space is limited.

The new Primergy generation is equipped with 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and high-speed RAM. This is complemented by system-specific technology enhancements such as Intel Optane 200 Series persistent memory, advanced graphics and new EDSFF storage media that enable breakthrough workload acceleration.

Workloads benefit from updated backend infrastructure for collaboration and messaging and virtualization, databases, and graphics-intensive workloads.


Platform capabilities that support business-critical workloads and improves developer velocity

Vijay Kumar, director of product marketing at Microsoft, comments: “Customers use Windows Server to run large-scale and distributed applications. Consequently, Microsoft has focused on bringing platform capabilities and tools that improve support for business-critical workloads.

“Windows Server 2022 adds several platform improvements such as advanced multi-layer security, hybrid capabilities Microsoft with Azure and Windows containers.”



The first Windows Server 2022-certified Primergy servers are available for order from the beginning of October.