Buying a large format CAD printer is a purchase that needs careful research and consideration.

It is a significant investment into an essential business tool for architects, engineers, construction professionals, interior designers, game and property developers, animators and many other professionals who expect accuracy, speed and quality from these printers to make the most of their investment and enhance their business.

However, deciding what you want in a CAD printer and finding one that meets your expectations are two different things.

“Large format CAD printers bring a professional’s work to life for their clients. Whether a first draft or final design, they need a reliable, cost-effective printer that produces true colours and clear drawings and images, every time,” says Vernon Mellors, business account manager at Epson.

Epson offers the below recommendations before choosing a new large format CAD printer for your professional practice:

* Do not buy based on cost: It may be tempting to buy a less costly printer; however, you should take a longer-term view when planning this investment. Reliability and precision performance are critical factors to consider when choosing a CAD printer, opt for a printer that might cost a little more but delivers a great output and uninterrupted service.

* Image quality is key: Image quality, colour reproduction and durability of ink are important points to consider before buying a CAD printer for your organisation. The most critical attribute is accuracy of prints so consider a printer that gives high levels of precision. Also make it a point to get a detailed understanding of the printer’s capabilities, as well as how deftly it handles different media.

The Epson SureColor T-Series wide-format printer range delivers outstanding photographic images, precise lines and crisp text, thanks to its next-generation MicroTFP PrecisionCore printheads which offer Precision Droplet technology, producing incredibly consistent droplets, both in shape and size, to deliver clear and sharp prints.

Office space, IT infrastructure and your preferred printing size are important factors to consider when buying a large format CAD printer. Check the compatibility of the printer with your current operating system and ensure that the printer you are considering is user-friendly or comes with aftercare support so it can be operated easily.

Epson’s SureColor CAD range allows you to print from virtually anywhere in the office with integrated wireless and router-free Wi-Fi direct printing. Network security and encryption features ensure confidential information is protected in a shared office space. Select Epson’s T-Series CAD printers require minimal cleaning and maintenance, and even work seamlessly in conditions that are traditionally dusty such as construction sites.