DevOps Engineer (Parvana)

About the Client:

  • Our client is a well established and highly regarded South African software development company that develops, supports and consults software solutions for the academic sector. With offices in Jhb and Cape Town, they are progressive with regard to their technology stack. Their solutions and services span the full range of the software development life cycle. Employees are mostly permanent and long term. They have a very low staff turnover which is indicative of how well they are treated.


  • Implementing / maintaining infrastructure.
  • Assisting in creating IT systems infrastructure architecture.
  • Enabling automated deployment of the following:

    • Applications and configurations
    • Monitoring and alerting
    • End-to-end testing

  • Enabling continuous release processes, practices and pipelines
  • Enabling change management and audit requirements.
  • Designing, analysing and troubleshooting systems performance.
  • Ensuring the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability.
  • Monitoring and testing application performance.
  • Developing a knowledge base by documenting all processes.
  • Participating in the design of information and operational support systems.
  • Writing and maintaining custom scripts to increase system efficiency.
  • Creating and maintaining effective deployment pipelines.
  • Understand and maintain Nexus and Jenkins.
  • Assisting teams in creating Jenkins builds.
  • Maintenance and Support for server infrastructure (local, hosted and Cloud).
  • Maintenance and monitoring of networks and servers.
  • Configuring, managing and implementing operating systems.
  • Backups and retrieval of resources.
  • Taking part in the design, architecture, implementation and maintenance of technology projects.
  • Implementing, maintaining and monitoring backup, disaster recovery and redundancy strategies.
  • Exploring and assisting in advising on, as well as implementation of:

    • Perimeter security (e.g. dos attacks, traffic snooping, physical access, etc.).
    • Network security (e.g. firewall, wifi, vlan separation, etc.).
    • Endpoint security (e.g. antivirus, data storage, etc.).
    • Application security (e.g. application firewall).
    • Data security (e.g encrypted networking / data storage, access restrictions, etc.).
    • Ensuring operating environments stay safe and secure.

Skills / Experience:

  • 3+ years of experience. Technical Competencies required to perform optimally in role
  • Operating systems: Linux (nix) administration
  • Monitoring and alerting tools: Zabbix, UpTimeRobot, Selenium, Prometheus, InfluxDB, Elastic Stack, Custom Scripting
  • Application Servers: JBoss, WildFly, ThornTail, Tomcat, Apache, Node.js, nginx, Spring Boot
  • Databases and tools:
    • Primary: MySQL, MySQL Workbench and cli client, MariaDB
    • Secondary and Tertiary: Oracle, MongoDB, Mongo Ops Manager, DB2, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, ElasticDB
  • Containers and orchestration tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins
  • Configuration management tools: Terraform, Ansible, Powershell
  • Build tools: Maven, Grunt, NPM, Gradle
  • Continuous integration tools: Primary: Jenkins Secondary: GitHub, Gitlab CI
  • Source control tools / techniques: Git, SVN ( sunset phase and legacy systems)
  • Artifact management tools: Sonatype Nexus
  • Programming languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript, Typescript nix shell scripting, Python.
  • Identity Management: ADFS, LDAP and CAS.
  • Experience with Linux, Windows and VMWare.
  • Comfortable working with WANs/LANs.
  • Experience of script in languages, such as Perl, Python or Bash will be needed.
  • Knowledgeable in how operating systems and software works.

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