Online marketplace Yep! has introduced new solutions as part of the Yellow Pages digital suite, to help SMMEs to digitally transform and thrive in the digital economy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for digital services and Yep! is focused on developing innovative digital products that will enable businesses to access customers through multiple online platforms and increase their visibility.

Innocent Pereira, executive marketing:  Yep | SMB | financial services, says: “Yep! is on an exciting journey of digital transformation that will not only enhance the customer’s experience but will allow SMMEs to grow on the Yep! platform. We are expanding the e-marketplace to include new offerings from our Yellow Pages digital suite for enhanced access to customers, such as the Yep! All-In-One website builder solution, and the Yep! Lead Generation tools.”


Improve your ability to access customers

The Yep! All-In-One Website Builder Solution is designed for SMMEs to increase visibility, engagement, and sales. This solution uses technology across the online sales funnel, to build a business’s brand online. Through the integrated solution, businesses can experience an effective, transaction focused, online presence across multiple touchpoints.

The professional experts at Yep! assist businesses by not only building their website, registering their domain, and taking care of the webhosting, but they also help with lead funnel orchestration, via the call nowcalendar booking and lead form functionality.  This All-In-One solution includes ecommerce features such as a shopping cart and payment method, along with customer engagement tools such as Email and SMS.


Tools to generate more leads

Businesses that grow, have built a conscious capability to generate leads. The Yep! Lead Generation Solution provides technology-driven performance marketing services, that take the guesswork out of marketing online. Drawing from data science and analytics, the solution allows for highly targeted campaigns to appeal to specific audience demands and drive meaningful action.

Again, the digital experts at Yep! will help businesses to customise their digital marketing approach, using tools such as Google AdWords, which enables businesses to be seen by potential customers when they are searching for products and services on Google; Online Banners, which will allow SMMEs to be seen by potential customers when they browse through Google’s display network, and Facebook Content & Ads, which help businesses to reach and connect with potential customers on the social media platform.

Pereira says “Yep! is committed to ensuring that SMMEs can successfully navigate the new way of doing business and survive in this digitally competitive environment. Our digital products will allow SMMEs to do business more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that their reduced budgets stretch further.”