Set to run for 48 hours consecutively from October 5 to 7, VMworld 2021 is a truly global event where delegates will be ‘following the sun’ exclusively online around the world.

This annual event is filled with tracks, learning sessions, and customer showcases. In fact, it is the premier annual VMware event; and provides insights and understanding not only for the company’s current roadmap but also its broader strategy and innovations that will shape ICT and business for the months and years to come.

Now, more than ever, the need to embrace multi-cloud environments and solutions is central to any business’s success and longevity. Today’s stakeholders expect a digital experience when engaging with a company regardless of its sector or industry. This comes in addition to real-world fulfilment, effectively resulting in organisations needing to innovate on two fronts.

Lorna Hardie

“Distributed working and the rapid roll-out of digital transformation initiatives mean decision-makers can ill afford to ignore the potential going the cloud route unlocks. Whether it is understanding how to better engage with customers and colleagues in a remote world or identifying the skills gaps in the ‘new normal’, the agenda for boardroom discussions is significantly different from what it was at the beginning of 2020. VMworld 2021 is designed to provide the insights and peace of mind needed to navigate the uncertainties around today’s operating environment,” says Lorna Hardie, Regional Director SSA at VMware.

Accessibility is integral to this. It is about creating an enabling environment that delivers value through applications, cloud platforms, and devices in such a way that any user can benefit from it regardless of their geographic location.

Ian Jansen van Rensburg

“Even as technology continues to evolve amidst all the changes happening around the world resulting from the ongoing pandemic – there is still an understanding amongst companies that they need to be more than just a corporate engine. They need to be a good corporate citizen and become a force for good. On the one hand, this talks to real-world corporate social investments already made by organisations globally. But on the other hand, it is about empowering the communities in which they operate through infrastructure development that make it easier to access the cloud, data, and applications that positively impact on people’s lives,” says Ian Jansen van Rensburg Chief Technologist SSA at VMware.

VMworld 2021 will be examining these and many other issues in greater detail through all the tracks and learning sessions on offer. Delegates will be able to build their agendas to suit their personal and professional interests.

“VMware itself has been forging extensive relationships with local and public cloud provider partners to give customers the flexibility and choice to select the one most relevant for their pressing business concerns. Together we are working on helping customers with building, managing, automating, securing, and operating as effectively as possible regardless of where the VMware-based workload is hosted,” adds Hardie.

In many regards, having access to the right tools to build the right solutions to achieve this becomes key. This is where the likes of the VMware Cloud Marketplace, launched in 2019, provides a compelling business advantage.

“At this year’s VMworld event, we will examine the introduction of commercial transactability (buying and selling) on the VMware Marketplace. This is a new feature that VMware will officially launch at the event, and delegates can get unique insights into the potential this will create for their businesses,” says van Rensburg.

There will also be a session where VMware will speak with selected partners working with the organisation to design and launch this on the VMware Marketplace. Beyond that, they will also explore the need of maintaining a robust solutions ecosystem and how solutions on VMware Marketplace help solve key customer challenges.

“VMworld will explore how the multi-cloud increases an organisation’s ability to extract value from cloud services and applications. This is in addition to giving customers options and decreasing the risk of being locked into a single vendor ecosystem. What the multi-cloud does is provide business and technology leaders with the means to embrace any technology that meets their needs instead of limiting their growth within one environment,” concludes Hardie.


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