Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa (KDZA) has announced the local launch of business optimisation and workflow tools – Kyocera Capture Manager (KCM) and Kyocera Smart Information Manager (KSIM).

Despite a strong move towards digital workplaces, most organisations still have a legacy of paper documents, which need to be physically sorted, filed, and stored. But the nature of these documents, particularly in the vast quantities found in traditional offices, makes them susceptible to being misplaced, damaged or stolen.

KCM and KSIM are optimally designed to work together and are aimed at companies that want to make a quick transition from paper-heavy environments to streamlined, efficient, digital led organistions.

KCM assists organisations by capturing all forms of documents from paper to email or digital documents received via web or mobile. Documents are scanned in, eliminating the need for manual data capture, and once captured, KCM intelligently sifts through and classifies the document type before allocating it to the correct person or business system. It even goes as far as to extract the required information and to prepare it for other systems to process. The routing of the data is automated on a variety of systems such as, financial or accounting software, networked storage or supported cloud services.

KCM uses the Tesseract and ABBYY OCR systems to ensure the highest quality scanning and data extraction and provides connectors and outputs to the most used storage sources by business users such as, SharePoint, Email Servers, External Databases via open database connectivity (ODBC), FTP servers, and public clouds.

Although the solutions can be bought separately to solve individual pain points, KCM comes into its own when used in conjunction with KSIM, a web-based information management system for digital document and automated workflows. Once scanned by KCM, KSIM indexes, manages, and sorts documents making them easy to access and allowing small and mid-sized businesses to increase their overall productivity by eliminating the need for people-based, manual processes.

“The solutions form part of KDZA’s drive to diversify its portfolio to serve the rapidly changing needs of its customers, which includes a more efficient, secure working environment. Digital and automation solutions not only dramatically simplify processes, by creating a system where all documents are scanned and stored, they also significantly enhance security and business productivity. Just another way in which KDZA is optimising technology to make life easier for its customers,” says Sylvester Swaine, solutions sales consultant at Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa.